Mozilla Firefox 50 update

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Firefox updates has now reached the 50th update mark as the latest version of the browser was released for desktops PCs and Android devices.

Mozilla Firefox 50 update
Mozilla Firefox

I guess it is right to raise a glass to the Mozilla for reaching this landmark. It is not easy running an open source free program and be constantly giving out updates on a tight budget.

So happy golden jubilee of updates to Mozilla and Firefox.

This new update, just like any other update comes with some new features. These include emojis that are integrated into the browser for operating systems that do not have support for emojis. We are talking Linux, and Windows OS from the Windows 8 downwards. So I guess my old Windows 7 OS would now be able to use emojis while using Firefox 50.

Another new feature from this version of the browser expands the availability of WebGL. Though this feature is only available for users with Windows 7 or new operating systems.

For downloading all sorts of executable files, Firefox 50 has improved security for the process. This feature is available to Windows, Mac and Linux users.

Updated keyboards Shorcuts is another useful feature in Firefox 50. Some of the new keyboards shortcuts include

CTRL + ALT +R to view a minimalistic version of a particular web page, also known as reader mode. In case you are using  Mac, the shortcut for this feature is Command +ALT+R.

If you want to have a comprehensive look at the security fixes for Firefox 50, you can check them out here.

The release notes of Firefox 50 also gives a full account of the new changes added to the browser.

And of course, developers are not left out. Interested developers should head here to see the the changes that Mozilla added to the browser to make the work of developers easier,

The changes to Android version are not too much to cause confusion for lovers of Firefox for Android.

On of the changes is the ability to now stream HTTP supported videos right inside the browser.

And the user interface has being slightly redesigned by bundling the ‘History’ panels and ‘Recent taps’ to make it a bit more cleaner or less cluttered.

How to update to Firefox 50

Updating to Firefox 50 shouldn’t be a problem. Here are two ways you can do it. The first is by going to the official website and downloading the updated browser and installing it on your system.

The method is the preferred one for new users of Firefox.

Mozilla Firefox 50 update
Updating Firefox

However if you already have Firefox on your system, or like me, Firefox is your preferred browser, you don’t have to do a clean installation of the browser.

The best method is to update it directly from your Firefox browser.

Mozilla Firefox 50 update
Updating Firefox

Just go the options button (indicated by three horizontal marks) at the top right corner of the browser and click on it. Then scroll to the bottom of the menu that appears and hit the ‘help (?)’ sign. At the bottom of the new window, just click ‘About Firefox.’

It would open a new window. This is the window that would show you the version of version you are using with a button below asking you to update the Firefox 50.

Mozilla Firefox 50 update
Updating Firefox

Just click the ‘Update to Firefox 50′ button and the process would start. The length of time from start to completion would depend on how strong your internet connection is.

After the installation, you would be asked to restart Firefox for the updates to be applied.

When Firefox comes up again, you old opened taps would still be there. To check if the update was successfully applied, you can go through the ‘Options > Help (?) > About Firefox‘ route to find out.

Mozilla Firefox 50 update
Update Firefox

For Android devices, updating to Firefox 50 is all about going to Play Store and tapping ‘Update‘ when the Firefox page opens in Play Store.

But if this is your first time, tapping ‘Install‘ is your option for Play Store to download and Install a brand new Firefox 50 on your device.


image credit:; austin cyril (screen shots)