Mozilla Firefox 49 new features

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Mozilla just announced a new update to its Firefox browser for all platforms. The new version known as Firefox 49 is immediately available for users of Windows, Mac, and Linux. While also available for Android users, the roll out of the updated version of the Browser for Android devices is taking place rather slowly.

Mozilla Firefox 49 new features
Firefox browser

It was just seven weeks ago that Mozilla came up with Firefox 48 with new features that promised to make other browsers second best. Since Firefox is my default browser, I couldn’t really tell if they actually succeeded in that promise. All I know is my browser stopped crashing and I can customized the background if I wanted.

I tried the customization for while, but I had to go back back to the default theme as I couldn’t get a template I really love.

According to Mozilla, Firefox 49 comes with several new features bound to make browsing a pleasure. Let’s look at some of these features.

Mozilla Firefox 49 new features
Firefox web browser

Expanded Multi-process support

These feature  was introduced to some users a few weeks ago. Now, all Firefox users would have access to it. The feature takes advantage of systems with multiple processors to make sure the browser is more stable no matter how many taps you open or how many tasks you are doing simultaneously.

Talking about it Mozilla wrote on their blog that:

Last month, we began rolling out the most significant update in our history, adding multiprocess capabilities to Firefox on desktop, which means Firefox is more responsive and less likely to freeze. In fact, our initial tests show a 400% improvement in overall responsiveness.

Our first phase of the rollout included users without add-ons. In this release, we’re expanding support for a small initial set of compatible add-ons as we move toward a multiprocess experience for all Firefox users in 2017.”

Reader Mode in Desktop

The reader mode feature in desktops is mostly about the integration of a text-to-speech feature in the browser.

The changes that this feature brings include removing unnecessary buttons, ads and images that are not wanted from the background. Even the settings texts size, contrast and layout have been tweaked to make reading easier and more enjoyable.

But like I said earlier this feature is mostly about getting your browser to read stuff for you from the web page you are viewing. You can also customized the feature to chose the voice you want to hear and speed at which the texts are being read.

Offline views for Androids

Recently, I have started using Firefox on my Android more and more. The simple reason was because as my default browser on my PC, I needed to synchronize bookmarks and recently opened taps between the two devices.

It makes it easier for me to switch between devices when I am researching.

Mozilla Firefox 49 new features
Android Offline page viewing

But one thing I found lacking on Firefox for Android is that I could not view pages offline. Opera mini has that feature. With the feature you can open saved pages even without internet connection.

Finally, with Firefox 49, Android users would now be able to enjoy the feature too. This should make the Android version of Firefox more popular because offline viewing is a fantastic feature if you know how to use it effectively.

Mozilla Firefox 49 new features
Nick Nguyen, Vice President of Firefox product

I have some words for Nick Nguyen and his Firefox team, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to give guys like me a bit of time before rolling out the next update. I am still trying to get used to the features in the last update.

Maybe, instead of new versions of the browser, add ons or plugins wouldn’t be a bad idea. I won’t mind a very good Firefox-specific free VPN so that I can stop getting ads from one VPN or the other to upgrade to the premium version.


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