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It may not be as suffisticatad as either the rear,frontal or side airbags in our automobiles, but it does exactly what you need it to do; save your life. Dainese’s new Misano 1000 Motorcyclist’s jacket airbag is a life saver and there is nothing anyone can do about it. In their earlier form, motorcycle specific airbags were connected to the motorcycle by a cable and deployed when the cable became detached from its mounting clip, inflating to protect the back of the rider.Further research and developments conducted by Dainese led to an autonomous system on board the leathers, without a cable connected to the bike. Instead the airbags utilized an electronic system which detects a fall and triggers the inflation of the nitrogen airbags to protect the motocyclist’s upper body. But even these new mechanism wasn’t that impressive, and honestly not quite safe, so the million dollar question is; how does the new fancy jacket fair any better in crashes?

airbag on a motorcycle
Image shows an inflated airbag on a motorcycle, evidently older versions worked dependent of the motorcycle.

What’s Different?

Here’s the deal. The jacket may look cool, quite very cool if you ask me, but being cool isn’t saving your life and the techies at Dainese know these. Dainese’s new Misano 1000 therefore fairs better in crashes or during accidents by being completely independent of the bike being ridden, thereby increasing the odds of it inflating when it’s needed most. Older mechanism featured sensors rigged on the rider’s motorcycle and these made the jacket rely on the motorcycle to know exactly when to inflate. Then there is this question of what happens when the rider switch bikes ? Also whether the motorcycle dependency ensured the airbag inflated in every crash scenario?. The answers are obvious; when the rider switch bikes the airbag protection level is at a ground state and the corded tethers that connects the motorcycle to the jacket’s airbag aat not just smart enough to account for every crash scenario.

motorcyclist's jacket airbag
Dainese’s Misano 1000 jacket
Image credit: Gizmodo.com

Obviously aware of the flaws of older mechanism, Dainese designers decided to integrate all needed hardwares directly on the jacket. All of the electronics, sensors, and GPS hardware is safely packed into the jacket’s back protector. A set of six powerful sensors monitor the rider’s movement for a whooping 800 times per second. This ensures a near perfect sensing precision and in the event of a sudden unusual or extreme change in movement – like a collision or and accident, the integrated hardwares intelligently effect an inflation of the 2 inch air bladder that surrounds the rider’s most vital body part. In this way, the unit precisely ascertains when to launch the air-bag system as a result of frontal impacts, high-sides, and low, tumbling slides.As expected all these chain action are done in splits of seconds!. Working in concert with back and chest- protectors, the Misano 1000 helps to protect the rider’s collar bone, chest, and back in addition to reducing strain on the neck.

If there is any fact so factual about accidents, its definitely that millions of people have transversed to the world beyond with its unsolicited assistance. At a price of close to $1700 , the Misano 1000 is definitely not budget friendly. But again who’s to talk about price when when it actually saves your life. However, Considering the jacket would require serious repair each time it inflates to save your life or at least tries to- the price is a little to high. The misano 1000 will be available this for orders this November, so stick close to Amazon or your favourite merchant vendors if you are in need of a life saver.