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A prank is literally a healthy way of saying you’re getting on the nerves of your friend or your loved ones in a funny manner. Well, most times the person on the receiving end gets pissed off – that’s the main idea though. However, the pissing off should end with a good laugh. I’ve got some tips here on how to prank your friends on one of their most valuable items – their smartphones. So, I selected these few pranks for you to digest. BROKEN TOUCHSCREEN PRANK This came up first because the touchscreen is what we protect most about our smartphones. So, how do you go about this? It’s simple. Wait,wait,wait! This doesn’t involve you breaking your friend’s screen at all. I don’t want to be a part to destruction here. All you simply have to do is download an app named “Crack Your Screen Prank”. After the download and installing, you open the app and select “Touch to Crack”. After doing this, you go to the home screen and lock the device. Once your friend picks it, your friend sees a cracked screen and begins to wonder how on earth it ever happened. Here’s a screamer, you can download the app on your smartphone, follow the procedures just like before and then lock your smartphone. Anyone of your friends that picks it up will have to explain how the phone got that way. Before the explanation, his/her mind will have divided. FALSE CHARGING PRANK Here’s also another screamer. We all love our smartphones to remain at a very high battery level, therefore, we do everything possible to keep our batteries charged. With the help of “Shake To Charge” app, you can deceive your friend that the smartphone is actually charging meanwhile it’s not. So how do you prank your friend using this app? Just download the app from Google Play Store, open the app and then give it to your friend notifying them that the app charges your phone depending on how long you shake it. No doubt, the app will give an animation that looks like it’s charging but no, it’s not. The pranks are definitely just for jokes and nothing much. Please don’t go to the extremes because you want to prank your friend.


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