A year and a half after Regina Dugan took the lead of Facebook’s secretive Building 8 hardware lab, she is leaving the company. She explained on her Facebook post why she was leaving which is she is leaving to focus on  “building and leading a new endeavor.”  She will on the job until early next year to ensure and help a good transition of the team into 2018.

Regina Dugan
Regina Dugan

Regina Dugan presented on stage at Facebook’s F8 conference this year talking about some of the company’s more long-shot projects such as embeddable brain sensors that an promote a more tight interface with hardware products. Even as speculations spread that Facebook is working on moving into consumer hardware, focus remains on the company’s Building 8 division, which handles those projects.

Prior to her joining Facebook, Regina Dugan was the Head of Googles Advanced Technology and products team and was the Director of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) before that.

It was stated in August 2017 that Andrew Bosworth a Facebook veteran would be leading consumer hardware efforts at the company in a new role, over seeing teams like Building 8 and Oculus. It is not immediately clear who will be taking over the reins of the Building 8 lab from Regina Dugan.

More information expected from Facebook as they have been contacted on for more information.