Facebook videos cast to compatible TVs

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Recall that sometime back, facebook joined YouTube in the video streaming industry. Since then, even if many might want to argue that they haven’t posed a real threat to the Google product YET, facebook videos has been on an increased since it was launched months back. This steady increase has maybe, been a direct result of the number of users the platform boasts of.

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Well, to generate more revenue, social media giant Facebook is getting set to introduce ads that would show up at the beginning of a video just like their Counterpart YouTube. This type of ads are called pre-roll ads, and is a major source of YouTube’s revenue generation strategy.

However, unlike YouTube’s 5-second limit ads, the pre-roll ads on facebook videos will run for up to six seconds provided that the video is 3-minutes long. The ads will also appear on videos in Facebook’s “Watch” Hub, and not the News Feed.

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As things stand now, these ads which facebook plan to start rolling would be introduced in 2018. It is only normal to see companies devise strategies to raise more revenue and improve their worth in the new year.

Before now, YouTube was widely acknowledged as the king of video views. Maybe they still are, but I can make bold to say that the way videos on facebook are garnering millions of views, they’ll surely give Alphabet Inc. a run for their money.

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As for the users, well, brace up as you’d begin seeing ads even on facebook videos. Sometimes, you can’t blame these companies, they have to generate revenue too.

On a closing note, who do you think would win the video war? Facebook or YouTube?