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With the testing of the Facebook fake profile account detector, Facebook is belatedly implementing a safety feature it should have done years ago.

fake profile account

One of the biggest worries for any active Facebook user is to have fake profile account bearing their names and profile picture. This happens a lot on Facebook, though I am sure Facebook would deny it. A lot of mischief can be perpetrated by an imposter posing as you with the fake profile account. The list of frauds are endless. The imposter can post all kinds of stuff just to embarrass you amongst your friends. Or even engage in this vile trick where the imposter, after sending friend requests to your friends, starts demanding money from them because, apparently, you are in all sorts of dire straights.

fake profile accountAccording to the report, the new anti-imposter feature work like this:

-the system is automatically triggered if it suspects a profile to be similar or a clone of your own profile. It does this by scanning the name and profile picture of the suspected fake profile account

-it then sends you a message to review the suspected imposter profile. You then reply by indicating if it is a fake profile account or just an honest mistake from Facebook.

-if your response identifies the flagged account as a fake profile account, the issue is referred to a team of workers at Facebook to further review the account and take it down if turns out the account is really fake. This last step is done manually by real people at Facebook.

On the other hand, if your suspect an account to be an imposter, you don’t have to wait for Facebook to buzz, you can alert the Facebook security team yourself by using this reporting page.

Detecting impersonation is just one of the three new security features being implemented. Another feature being tested is how non-consensual images and photos posted on Facebook can be reported. This is mainly directed at people who feel their privacy is being violated by nude images of themselves on Facebook. Though Facebook has since banned the posting of nude photos, this new feature makes it easier for victims to report the issue to Facebook.

Now, when someone reports an infringement of their privacy through the use of nude photos, victims can who identify themselves in the photo can also get further assistance from Facebook. This extra assistance can come in the form of telling the victims how they can get access to support groups and all possible legal options available to the them. These are all in addition to taking down the offensive photos or images.

fake profile accountThe third new safety feature is the photo checkup option. This help users easily edit their privacy settings to restrict the number of people able to view their photos. This new feature also educates Facebook users about the importance of tweaking the settings to restrict just anybody from viewing their photos.

These new measures were arrived at from discussions Facebook has being having with a select group of users since last year. Posting in the Facebook Safety page to members of the round tables on safety, the safety team was proud to announce it was taking part in an important UN conference dealing with issues related to safety:

At a series of round tables we hosted around the world, women talked with us about their experiences on social media — from building their own businesses to creating communities for social change — and we discussed the tools and resources needed to safely and fully participate online. This week, we are proud to continue this conversation by taking part in the UN’s 60th Commission on the Status of Women in New York — an effort that aims to eliminate and prevent all forms of violence against women and girls, offline and online. Join us in our effort to ensure social media is a safe and welcoming place for everyone. Share your video message with the hashtag #HerVoice just as these inspirational women and men from all across the world have done”


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