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The “Safety Check” tool on the popular social media, Facebook has received new updates that’ll guarantee dwellers of crisis-affected areas to send messages across to their family and friends (FnFs) on the platform.

The new updates added to the Facebook Safety are Status Updates in the Safety Check feature; fundraising and crisis descriptions. These updates are enabled in the Safety Check tool.

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Concerning the status updates in the safety check tool, it entails that after Facebook users have marked themselves safe, they can still add personal notes that will tell their loved ones the situation of the crisis in their various areas. The personal notes added will then show in the News Feed story that is auto generated after people mark themselves safe.

The other update is the fundraising feature. The fundraising feature will be included in the Safety Check tool. After a crisis occurs, Facebook Users can make the donations right there in the Safety Check tool, through the fundraising feature. Individuals in areas that are affected by crisis can also request for help through this medium. Fundraising has not been included in the Safety Check tool as we speak. But come next week, the fundraising feature will be launched in the U.S.A. Although, a 5% cut from the funds donated through the Facebook platform are taken by Facebook.

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Crisis descriptions has also been added to the Facebook social media. The function of the crisis description is to give people more information about the crisis that has affected a certain area. The information that will be given by Facebook about the crisis are gotten from NC4 – a global crisis reporting agency. This is very effective because when crisis occurs, people have very little knowledge about the crisis situation.

Finally, it should be noted that the “Community Help” launched by Facebook will be rolled out to desktop users in succeeding weeks.. The Community Help was previously launched on Apple’s iOS and Android; which makes the Community Help to accessed from any platform.



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