In other to move the United States politics in their favour, Russian linked operatives bought over some Facebook Ads that were also seen outside of the social network. As opposed to a hundred and twenty six million Americans that were estimated to have had Russia – backed  posts on Facebook in time period of 2015 and 2017, the number of them who were witness to Facebook delivered Ads from Russia connected actors on other platforms were neglibly small.

From the start of 2016 approximately Nine thousand people witnessed Russian affiliated Ads bought through Facebook’s Audience Network tool, theat now allows marketers send ads to other websites and apps. The affiliated Ads to the Research Agency basically a Russian troll farm that Facebook recently commented was behind sketchly eighty thousand  posts distributed on Facebook’s platform before and after the election in the United States in 2016.

Some where between ninety of the less than a thousand publishers that had Russia – backed ads following a source that is used to the matter. The reference also added that Facebook notified affected publishers on Tuesday, a few moments just before the company’s top notch lawyer was booked to testify at a hearing on Capitol Hill over Russia’s election meddling through social networks.

A representative of Facebook backed the earlier unreported reach of Russia – backed activity on the company’s ad platform through a statement shared with Business Insider on Tuesday. “Less than 9,000 people saw one of the ads linked to the Internet Research Agency through the Audience Network,” the representative said. “Most impacted publishers saw less than 10 impressions, and the revenue average delivered per publisher was less than $0.10.”

Although  nine thousand (9,000) people appears small in number when compared with the one hundred twenty six (126) million who most likely witnessed the Russian posts on Facebook, the revelation highlights of how Russian actors used every part of Facebook’s ad business to influence public opinion.

Facebookmade known publicly some time last week that advertisers running federal-election-related ads in the United States are required to verify their identity as well as run disclosures on each ad. The company also said it would allow people to see the ads a Facebook business page is running.