Facebook public endorsement of political candidate

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In he days leading up to the US presidential election on the 8th of next month, don’t be surprised if Silicon Valley is behaving like a political think tank. Even the furore caused by the action of Peter Thiel in donating money to Trump’s campaign would soon be pushed way down the list of important political news coming out of Silicon Valley.

Facebook public endorsement of political candidate
2016 US Presidential election

Facebook of course would not just do the basic job of making sure there are no glitches on the social forum while the billions using the service log in to see what there friends and enemies are doing.

To get into the frenzy of election US election season, Facebook just launched a service that enables users to publicly endorse a candidate on Facebook.

After Google introduced Fact Check to help set the records straight as far as political news are concerned, Facebook’s jab at relevance is a feature to call people out from the closet or make people reveal their political affiliations.

Facebook public endorsement of political candidate

What the world was hoping was an equally important tool to rival Fact Check. Facebook’s Trending News has at various times being accused of promoting bias and or misleading stories. The practice of posting unverified news on Facebook is still on going, and given that more and more people turn to Facebook for their news, the least people expected Facebook to do is to introduce their own Fact Check.

Perhaps they don’t want to be seen as being too reactive. Maybe a feature like that is already in place and just ready to be launched when the timing is just right. After all, it is not as if the folks at Facebook are afraid of being tagged copy cats.

Facebook public endorsement of political candidate
Facebook endorsement

So how does this endorsement feature work? First of all, you need to go to the page of the politician you like or feel like endorsing.

On that page, simply tab or click the ‘Endorsement’ tab on that page. Then simply tab or click ‘Endorse.’

Then, if you are the very brazen type who doesn’t care who gets angry if you are a supporter of say, the hugely divisive Donald Trump, you can make it possible for the whole world to know your choice.

To do that, just tick the appropriate box. On the other hand, if you don’t want people to see who you endorsed, you can also set it to private so that your political leanings remain in the closet.

Before finally posting your choice, you can leave a little defiant message to all your political opponents or if you chose to, your message could simply be an expression of how much you love the candidate and are praying for them to win the election.

Simple and straightforward. No hassles to publicly pitch your tent in the camp of the political enemy of maybe your close friend or boss.

Facebook public endorsement of political candidate
Trump and Clinton, Squaring up

However, for the politicians, just creating a Facebook page doesn’t guarantee the Endorsement feature would appear on that page. You need to change the page’s category to politics. To do that, Facebook provided an easy to follow guide here.

So it is now possible to move over to a candidates Facebook page and, if they have already changed the category to politics, check to see the people who have publicly endorsed that candidate.

If you are a very high profile personality, electing to make your endorsement public means the candidate can also use that as a very good PR move to gain more supporters by promoting the endorsement on Facebook.

However, I can’t imagine any candidate promoting the endorsement of a notorious criminal or even a known racist like the folks from the KKK who are solidly behind Trump.

That would be political suicide.


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