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We have always recounted how much facebook has been creative in the kind of features they add to their platform and the thing is that Zuck and his people never cease to amaze us as they keep being creative by the day. They have always added features that would increase engagement on their platform and possibly bring more users.

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Before now, using gifs to drop a comment on facebook was not released for the use of everybody, as it was in testing mode. But today, we are happy to announce that the use of gifs in comments is now available for everyone. Ain’t that cool? I think it is.

Looking at it from another angle, don’t you think that this feature is a bit long overdue as there are many blogs and websites and has inculcated the use of gifs in their comment box for quite a while now, and facebook just deemed it fit to do theirs now? Well, the point is they did.

To start GIFing, click on the ‘GIF’ button in the comment section, and search for a GIF to use. Before now, you could only add GIF links, not GIF upload.

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One thing that is very surprising, maybe not so surprising, is the fact that Facebook always have their way with these features. I have read a lot of people who have committed already to start engaging their facebook audience just because of the availability of this feature. Now, tell me exactly what facebook’s aim was before.


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Are you still asking why facebook is the largest social media network in the whole wide world? Those are your answers above.



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