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Why the Facebook Moments app is not the best selling app in smart phones beats me hollow. My best buddy and I use this app a lot to share pictures all the time.

Facebook Moments app is the creation of Facebook Creative Labs and made for people like me who love sharing pictures with friends. It was really God-sent, the answer to the problems of sharing pictures with only close friends  privately. Especially if you have friends on Facebook you need to share pictures and and don’t want other Facebook friends to have a peek at the pictures. In short tagging became cool with the Moments app.

moments 3

Released on the 15th if June, for iOS and Android, Moments app utilizes face recognition to the hilt. First of all, you have to install the app on your phone; once installed, Moments takes over the organisation of all those photos you have in your phone gallery and have probably forgotten about. Moments app then proceeds to categorize them into the date you took the photos, the event the photos were taken and amazingly enough it even sorts the picture according to the people or faces in the photos. That is where the advanced face recognition technology struts its stuff. This makes it easy for you to search and edit the hundreds of photos you have in your collection.

             photo: bgr.in
photo: bgr.in

Remember, Moment app is primarily a photo sharing app. The file sharing feature is easy too. After Moments has finished scanning your photos for familiar faces of friends and family, it would automatically ask you if you want to sync the pictures to the subjects of the pictures. For instance it can sync pictures under weddings if all the pictures were taken at a wedding. Then it prompts you to share the pictures with your friends on Facebook. Not all friends though, just those who appear in the scanned pictures.

The facial recognition technology is so accurate it identifies all your friends in the scanned pictures perfectly all the time. So what happens if your friends don’t have Moments app installed on their phones? Easy. They get a notification from Facebook Messenger informing them you have just shared some photos with them and to see the photos, they need to install Moments app.

The good thing about Moments app is that unlike other photo sharing apps, it actually knows who your friends are. Implying you don’t have to waste precious time programming it to recognize your friends by linking it to Facebook; which is a waste of time since you can as well just go to Facebook and do it directly.

Another advantage Moments app has over similar apps is that it automatically links to the over 700 million people using the Facebook chat app, Facebook Messenger. So if you share a synced photo with a close friend using Facebook Messenger, the constant reminder by Messenger to download Moments app to view the photos would ultimately prompt your friend to download it, just to stop the irritating reminders. Plus, downloading Moments means the friend can also use it to contribute their own photos.

photo: androidheadlines.com
photo: androidheadlines.com

And just yesterday, Facebook announced an upgrade to Moments by adding a video making feature to the app. Now Moments can arrange six or more pictures into a video with background music automatically. You can then share this video of your favourite pictures with your friends. Of course, you also have the option of editing the footage by adding or removing pictures and changing the background music before sharing the finished work with friends. You can also make gifs files from selected pictures using the upgraded Moments app. So we are likely to see more awesome gifs littering the Internet.

There is so much more you can do with the video function of Moments app. The standout feature still remains that only your chosen Facebook friends can now view your photos. And it is so absolutely easy to use too.