Messenger Basketball

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If you love playing games on your Facebook Messenger app, then you have an additional game to play. Facebook recently sent an upgrade notice to all iOS and Android phones to upgrade to a new version of Messenger app. You know how it is with these apps upgrades. You get a notice about bug fixes and what not. Only you never seem to know how different the updated version is from the previous one.

Messenger Basketball

Well for this new update, Facebook decided to include a basketball game. I guess to coincide with college basketball fever christened March madness by the TV stations. So if you did not like the chess game recently added to Messenger, Facebook figures maybe a more exciting game like basketball would be way up your alley. Just another way to get you to spend more time on Facebook Messenger I guess.

Once you’ve updated you Messenger app, playing Messenger basketball is not that straightforward though. You have to kind of ‘unlock’ the Messenger basketball game. It is just a little tweak and not so difficult though.

How to unlock Facebook Messenger basketball game

– send a friend you are chatting with a basketball emoji

– after sending the emoji, press the ball

-you are now ready to play Messenger basketball on your device.

Your screen immediately (depending on how fast your device is of course) presents you with a white screen with only a basketball and a hoop. Flick up your device to launch the basketball towards the hoop. You need a little practice before you can get the right flick needed to sink a basketball through the hoop. Sometimes you have to double tap the basketball for the game to start though. Once started, everything should work smoothly.

For every successful basket you make, a happy emoji appears with with raised hands and thumps up to congratulate you. To make the Messenger basketball exciting, different emojis can appear for either a successful hoop or a missed one.

messenger basketballYour scores are instantly seen on the conversation thread, informing your friends about your progress; you can then use your score to compare with other friends who are also playing the game. If you can hit 10 baskets in a row, you would be upgraded to another level. The hoop would start moving across the screen, making the Messenger basketball a little more challenging for you. Obviously, just like in other popular games, moving up several levels indicates just how good you’ve become.

Messenger basketball is just the game to keep users on Messenger if they get tired of chatting. Facebook has not commented officially on whether or how the new Messenger basketball game would evolve in the future or if new games would be added to Messenger anytime soon.

Today being Saturday, I guess Messenger basketball game would be my thing for the weekend. I hope it is not too easy or I would get bored very easily. On the other hand, I might get very frustrated and stop playing if the game is too difficult.

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