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Facebook has added another feature to their stock pile of features and this one is a very innovative one, as usual. When it comes to being creative with products and services, I am no more bewildered by the kind of additions facebook make as it is glaring that creativity is a norm for them.

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The social media giant has added the “order food” feature to their platform. This is a feature that helps you order for food from you preferred restaurant through their facebook page. Basically, you would not have to take a trip to the restaurant’s website to order a food. Payment for the ordered food can also be done on facebook too.

Order food option on the facebook app
Order food option on the facebook app

To make use of the “Order Food” option, users using Facebook mobile App can click on the “blue and white hamburger icon” in the Menu options. The hamburger icon has an “Order Food” text right in front of it.

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On the other hand, users operating their Facebook account on a Desktop or Laptop, the Order Food option on PC is denoted by a very bright and colorful live Hamburger emoji located in the menu.

Order food option on the facebook web
Order food option on the facebook web

Both users and restaurants that can take advantage of this feature are limited for now, with an expected upward surge over time.

The whole “Order Food” process is powered by Delivery.com or Slice. These two platforms takes control of the process from the start to finish – from browsing the menu, adding items (your food) to your cart, editing​ the order, adding a suggested tip up to payment for the order.

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See below for a photo of the order confirmation landing page of a successful food order process for a Facebook user who have tried out the feature.

Confirmation page after ordering food on facebook
Confirmation page after ordering food on facebook



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