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Popular social network platform, Facebook has further cemented its place as the number one social network in the whole wide world as it has made and reached a significant milestone. This milestone is based on the number of users. Well, i must say that  Facebook’s marketing is lit as they have just reached the point of 2 Million active users on the platoform.

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What this also means is that in the last one year, about 600,000 new accounts are opened on Facebook every day. It would only be fair if we say that the feat must have been achieved with help from Facebook’s massive advertising programme which simply drives new users to the platform.

Now, i think Mark Zuckerberg has done the greatest of all jobs with this plaform. To imagine that this was a platform that he built from scratch, i’m highly impressive at his skills.
According to the statement Facebook made, “They say love makes the world go round. Every day across the planet, more than 175 million people share “love” on Facebook, over 800 million people “like” something on Facebook, and over 750 million new friendships are made on Facebook. What’s more, over 1 billion people use Groups every month to build communities and connect around shared interests.”
With this latest development, i wouldn’t disagree if i am told that Facebook is about to take over the whole internet – if they haven’t already. Just in 2012, the platform celebrated reaching the 1 billion people milestone, and now, they are celebrating double that amount (another 1 billion users in 5 years). This is like the best statistics i have come across for any social app in the wholw wide world. Is it safe to say now that Facebook is the greatest app ever developed?
With the range at which Facebook and their products are growing, i wouldn’t be surprised if Whatsapp announces to have reached the 2 billion mark too. Snap what??



  1. Awesome I must tell you! I got the news from Mark Zuckerberg himself. It’s indeed a facebook giant stride. Facebook was an idea which today turned an invention. Millions everyday register themselves on facebook, even the old. I believe facebook has became a connectivity with loved ones,lost friends and acquaintances and much more than that.

  2. Congrats but I must confess with the way he is handling facebook I don’t like. It he blocks page anyhow just because he knows he have a lot of fans. Tech product be careful so as to avoid been block with the way we are sharing your post on facebook

  3. Nice one
    And I hope that there will also be a massive increase before the year runs down

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