Facebook F8

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The annual Facebook F8 developer conference, started yesterday with so many announcements. These announcements mainly focused on new features coming to Facebook products. From the media frenzy caused by the new features, one would be forgiven to think Facebook just took over the tech world. Yesterday was all about Facebook F8.

Facebook F8

Perhaps, in the coming days we would be looking at in depth reviews of some of these new features that were announced at the Facebook F8 developer conference yesterday. For today, we would take a brief look at some of the most important things revealed yesterday.

Messenger and Whatsapp now #1 messaging app
As if we didn’t suspect this already, Facebook announced the raw figures and the scale of it is just huge. According to Facebook, messages processed each day on Messenger and Whatsapp combined, is a whooping 60 billion messages. This is against the 20 billion short message service (SMS) messages exchanged daily. This disparity would likely widen next year as the over 1 billion users of Messenger and Whatsapp is still growing.

Sponsored messages on Messenger
Facebook is now testing sponsored messages on the Messenger platform. Facebook hope this new feature would increase their revenue geometrically as the messages are to be targeted at users who would find them interesting. However, users can use the settings tab to either mute or block messages they don’t want to see.

Chatbots on Messenger
With this feature, known as bots on Messenger, Businesses now have an alternative customer care service. These bots can help businesses to respond to customers queries through texts, links and images. One use of the bot is to make a hotel reservation without actually touching your Messenger app through the voice recognition technology. The feature is open to developers to build customized bots for Messenger, or they can just tweaked Messenger’s version using the Messenger bot engine.

Facebook F8Surround 360 camera
Apart from revealing the revolutionary camera, Facebook also revealed details of how to build it. Looking like an alien spaceship (if you believe the movies) it uses 17 cameras to capture 360 degrees video and also has a special software to join the video footage of the 17 cameras into a single video.

Developers would be rubbing their hands in glee as the blueprint for the surround 360 camera is a real treasure trove.

Account kit
The account kit is Facebook’s brand new way of letting users log into their accounts. It basically eliminates the use of passwords and substituted it with a one time password sent to the mobile number of the user. It is mainly directed at developers to create the authentication platform. So with just your Facebook ID, phone number, or email, you can log into services you subscribed to with your Facebook account. The account kit has had a very successful test-run on Saavn. The music app recorded over half a million sign-ups (in just two months) from subscribers using only their phone numbers.

Save to Facebook
According to Facebook, since the save to Facebook was launched, it has being used over 250 million times. For this reason, it is now getting new features to make it easier to use. Starting with Product Hunt and Overstock, users would now have the option of adding save to Facebook feature.

Instant articles
A while back, Instant Articles was opened to all publishers as Facebook promised. Now, the feature has being revamped to make it possible for publishers to upload articles directly to Facebook very easily and extremely faster.

Facebook live
Facebook live, Facebook’s increasingly live video streaming service, can now be used to stream videos on any device not just mobile phones. So brace yourselves Periscope and Snapchat, Facebook Live has gone a step further to making itself available to the whole world.

Facebook Live camera
Launched at the CES, the camera known as Mevo (originally known as Movi) is Facebook Live official camera with great features such as editing softwares, auto-face detection, amongst others to make your video and images look very professional.

Profile Expression kit
In another bonus to developers, this feature allows people to use videos from third-party apps directly as Facebook Profile Video. The Profile Expression Kit already works with third party video apps in Instagram, Flixel and Vine. The plan is to allow more developers to have access to the platform.


photo crredit: ndtv.com