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If you have been paying absolute attention, you would recall that in February, Facebook launched a Bots for messenger challenge. Well, the challenge has come to a final stage as finalists have emerged too, out of which four were Nigerians.

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Facebook has released names of 60 successful applicants that made it, from over 1000 applications from 64 countries. The applicants cut across Middle East and North Africa, and the Sub-Saharan Africa. 30 finalist were chosen from each region.


Meet the four Nigerian start-ups that made the cut..

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BABA POLITRICKS — is a social platform for Nigerians, it aims at the community building, by showcasing accountability of leaders by providing a database, of leaders, which is a necessity in our present society.

LAIDE BOT — This features under gaming and entertaining section, while providing services such as, buy cinema tickets, ordering food, event tickets, also provides news.

HYPER-CV —  a platform that ensures productivity in individuals by helping them build their CV. Hyper- cv collects information from an individual’s online profiles to create resumes. The job market is surely large enough to accommodate this one.

HEADWORK — is a productivity and utility platform, that aids learning.

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Statistics from the challenge holds that Egypt had 15 teams selected, Morroco 4 teams, UAE 4 teams, Jordan 2 teams, Lebanon 1 team, Algeria 1 team, Saudi Arabia 1 team, Tunisia 1 team, Palestine 1 team. Egypt has the highest number of selected teams.


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