Etisalat Nigeria 4G LTE launched

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Etisalat has now joined the league of 4G LTE network  just like MTN Nigeriawhich started testing the service sometime ago and Glo Nigeria whose own version of the LTE network was launched about two weeks ago.

Etisalat Nigeria 4G LTE launched

The announcement was made by the CEO of Etisalat Nigeria, Mr Matthew Wilsher, who reckons that Etisalat is bringing something different from the other major players in the industry.

According to him:

The 4G LTE technology offers our customers increased access to high speed data and quality voice services real time. With the new technology, our customers will enjoy efficient broadband internet and uninterrupted connectivity to clearer voice calls, increased access to online streaming and ultra-high definition videos,”

4G LTE technology or network offers significantly faster speeds and internet connection than 3G networks which is what has been operational until now.

Etisalat Nigeria 4G LTE launched

It is a shame the GSM operators see it fit to introduce the technology in the largest market in Africa so late. One wonders why telecom companies in Nigeria are rather reluctant to leverage the huge population of the country to the benefit of their businesses.

But like a wiseman once said, ‘It is better late than never.’ I guess that applies to this situation.

The LTE technology, when fully operational would expose subscribers to a new level of internet experience. The major concern here is the speed. Because LTE is significantly faster that 3G, downloading huge files would be a breeze, while streaming videos or audio from the internet would be flawless.

Now it would be easy to watch live events like football matches without the annoying buffering you get with most of our 3G networks.

Etisalat Nigeria 4G LTE launched
Mathew Wilshere, CEO of Etisalat Nigeria


I guess Mr Wilshere was just reiterating that point when he further said:

We are in a knowledge-based economy and more than ever before, efficient telecommunication is being globally acknowledged as an enabler of economic and social growth. For us at Etisalat, our passion is to be at the forefront of promoting a vibrant economy for Nigeria by leading the digital revolution. Hence, the 4G LTE service that we have just launched reaffirms our commitment to this cause,”

With Etisalat joining the LTE bandwagon, only one telecom company is left without the service in Nigeria. I hope Airtel, the company yet to roll out 4G LTE network, is planning something bigger by the time they decide to join the fray.

For instance, how about rolling out the service all over the country at once. Because for now, roll out by the other telecoms is restricted to only major towns and cities in the country.

Which begs the question of why it is so difficult to do it at once. I mean, they already have infrastructure all over the country, so why limiting the service to only the major markets?

Etisalat Nigeria 4G LTE launched
An Etisalat Experience Center

Anyway,what do I know? I am sure they would do that if it made economic sense.

Another issue is the fact that almost all of them require subscribers to buy compatible SIM cards before they can enjoy the service. For instance when I tested MTN ‘s 4G to see if my phone is compatible with 4G, I got the go ahead to use the phone; but I was asked to do a SIM swap with a 4G enabled SIM.

Somehow it didn’t make sense to me. But I am sure it made sense to them though.

Etisalat must have been reading my mind when they declared that subscribers don’t have to swap their SIMs for 4G enabled cards. According to them, all their cards are already 4G  enabled.

That is what I am talking about. There is no point subjecting customers to another round of SIM registration just because you want to make more money from them.

Now we await the official list of cities to have the Etisalat 4G service. I heard only some areas in Lagos state have it.


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