Etisalat Nigeria 4G LTE launched

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9Mobile, the new name for Etisalat Nigeria,

The epistle surrounding Etisalat Nigeria’s circumstances is one that has been keeping our mouths busy for the past few months.While we were trying to recover from the news that Etisalat Nigeria had been taken over and consequently meaning it has a new ownership, we were struck with the news that the former CEO of Etisalat Nigeria, Bello Hakeem Osagie resigned from the company.

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Subsequently, the largest shareholder in the company Mubadala Group also withdrew its shares from the company. It all didn’t end there, a new CEO was appointed in person of Boye Olusanaya, although this was a good news. Then the final strike was when Etisalat Group pulled out of the Nigerian market.

Following series of change to the telecommunications group, another change has now occurred to the telecommunications giant in Nigeria. Etisalat Nigeria will now be under the umbrella of a new name – 9Mobile.

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This new name for Etisalat cannot be argued if it was made known that the new name came from the Etisalat slogan – 0809ja. Well, the new logo for the new name hasn’t been released but it’s hoped the new name will bring good fortunes to the brand.

I’m sure the new CEO of 9Mobile, Boye Olusanya will definitely have a feeling of deja vu considering he was the then CEO of Celtel Nigeria that made the transition to Airtel Nigeria. Since then, Airtel Nigeria has remained a strong force in the Nigerian telecommunications sector. I’m sure Mr. Boye Olusanya will bring a unique substance to the transition of 9Mobile.

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The transition of Etisalat Nigeria to 9Mobile had a breakthrough due to the involvement of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC).

There we have it, no more Etisalat Nigeria! 9Mobile is what the telecommunications will be called from now on. What’s your take on this? How do you see the new name? Comment below.



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