How to buy an Android tab

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The first part of this article discussed the reasons you need a tablet and the sizes involved. This concluding part would touch on more factors to take into consideration when buying a tablet.

Phablet vs Tablet

How to buy an Android tab
Phablet vs Tablet

There is a bit of confusion here about what a tablet is and what constitutes a phablet. Like in the previous section, differentiating between the two is all about size.

Phablets, from the name, are gadgets whose display are too large to be called phones and at the same time not big enough to be called tablets.

Generally phablets never cross the 6 inch mark in terms of display size. At the bottom end of the size scale, they start off at 5.5inch. So the biggest phablets can be mistaken for tablets. While the smallest phablets can be known as phones.

So when buying a tablet, make sure you are not being sold a large phone. To be sure, make sure the specs of what you want to purchase fits the size of a tablet. The pack or the carton should have the display size of the product clearly written.

Operating system

How to buy an Android tab

Since the tablet you need is an Android, the OS is obviously Android. But you have to be careful not to buy an outdated OS.

New OS normally come with the latest security patches to protect you tablet against malicious bugs from softwares.

Again, make sure the OS can easily be upgradeable to the latest OS directly from the manufactures website or over the air (OTA). Barring that, you can upgrade the ROM of certain devices using the method outlined here.

The easiest way to get information about a tablet’s OS is to do a little research online about the tablet.


How to buy an Android tab
Some major Android OEMs

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are also a factor in buying tablets just like phones.

OEMs by their reputations, can determine if you are getting a good product or not.

There is a myth that expensive brands are better than the cheaper ones. That is false. Many expensive tablets are only expensive because they are made by famous brands.

You can get very good and cheap tablets from unknown companies. Again, if you are opting for the not so famous brands, a little online research would guide you; because there are some cheap tablets that are cheap because they are terrible products.

Your budget

In the final analysis, how much money you have would be the decider in the tablet you finally settle on.

A good rule of thumb is never to buy a tablet from the first shop you enter. Always try to compare prices and products from various shops before making a final decision.

Your job would be considerably easier if you know somebody using a particular tablet you cherish. In that case, all you need do is ask them about their user experience and cost.

Note that the passage of time can affect the cost of the tablet though. It could be cheaper or more expensive by the time you decide to get it.

Fake tablets

How to buy an Android tab
Identifying fake Android tablet

Fake tablets generally refer to those tablet bearing the name of a famous or popular brand.

The easiest way to know a fake is if they are being sold at a ridiculously cheap price. That is, relative to what you know the tablet should cost.

So it is good to have a fair idea of the price range of these tablets. Buying a fake tablet would only cause you a lot of grief later. Besides, you would be over-paying for the tablet because you’d be made to believe you are getting a good product at a very reduced price.

It would help a lot if you know someone with a good knowledge of all things Androids. In that case just consult them for advise so as to avoid buying fake tablets parading as popular brands.


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