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When we say technology is eclipsing the status quo, some would argue that with whatever they have. Going from making electronic jets to making of electric cars, technology has moved on to the making of what? Electronic roads! Seems impossible to you, ask Electroad from Israel and they’ll tell you you don’t know “nada”.

Yes, just as you guessed, the electronic road we’re referring to here is to be launched in Israel by an Israeli company – Electroad. It’s a fresh out of the box innovative idea – if I’m allowed to say that.

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You just keep pondering and pondering why the thought of an electronic road could even come up. The reason for such isn’t far-fetched according to the Israeli Government. The motive behind the move by the Israeli company is to reduce the rate at which electric cars need to charge in order to perform its functions. Electric cars, just like fuel cars require adequate energy and that is the electrical energy.

An electric car that runs on long distances will get its energy exhausted, therefore the car runs short of power. In such a case, the battery of the car will require to be charged as soon as possible. The electric road to be released by Elektroad will now act as an on-demand charger, that is, the electric road will charge the electric cars while on it and also serve as the main source of energy. In other words, the users of the electric cars won’t get bothered if it’s a long journey.

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Don’t be perplexed about how the charging will come to be; there will be a small undercarriage beneath the electric car that will come in contact with the electric road, thereby providing electricity.

It is of no surprise that the Israeli Government has confided faith in this brand. The Israeli Government made an announcement about setting plans in motion to join forces with Electroad to make more of these energy-saving electric roads.


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