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There are times when turning your computer into a wireless hotspot is such a life saver. It can be so convenient you begin to think it is the best thing since fire was discovered. Using Virtual Router Manager is so easy It is surprising I only knew about it a few days ago.

Virtual Router
photo: virtualrouter.codeplex.com

Connectify has always being my favorite companion as far as hotspot is concerned. But I was forced to search and try a different software after Connectify failed to work on a friend’s laptop. And just like that, I discovered Virtual Router.

Like any useful wireless hotspot software, Virtual Router let’s you share your Internet connection with other devices that are enabled to use wireless to connect to the internet. Apart from the fact it is very easy to setup without seriously tweaking your system, it is completely free unlike Connectify. So you get premium features in this free version.

Pre-requisites to setting up Virtual Router

1. Your operating system must not be earlier than Windows 7

2. Your system and device drivers must be the latest. You can google the latest drivers. Or you can go here to see links to some of the latest drivers for popular WiFi devices.

3. You must have a working Internet subscription

How to setup Virtual Router

1.Connect your system to the Internet

2.Download Virtual Router from here

3. Install/run the downloaded setup files preferably granting it administrative privileges.

4. Open the Virtual Router Manager. In the UI, type in your preferred SSID ( that is, the name you want to call the network. It can be any fancy name you can think of)

5. Also chose any password and type it in the box provided. The password must be at least 8 characters long. Remember to chose a password that you can easily remember. Better still, write down the network SSID and password somewhere easily accessible.

6. Select the Internet connection you want to share. Obviously, this would be the Internet connection you subscribed to.

7. Click on start Virtual Router Manager.

And that’s it. Your computer is now a complete and secure wireless hotspot. And only devices with wireless feature can connect to it. Since you pass-worded the software during setup, only people who know the password can actually connect to the wireless network.

What if the Virtual Router refused to work
In this instance, there are various troubleshooting measures you can take. The first one is to make sure all your drivers are the correct ones. If that still does not solve the problem, you should do the old fashion ‘restarting/rebooting’ of your computer.

And if you get the dreaded, ‘group or resource is not in the correct state to perform the requested operation,’ you shouldn’t panic, there are resources online to fix the problem. Try this fix first, and if it doesn’t work, you can try this one.

For an awesome free tool like that, I would do anything to make it work. But most of the time, if you have a good computer, encountering any problem in setting up Virtual Router would be the least of your problems. The biggest problem is how to convince those enjoying your hotspot to help pay for internet data.