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Who remembers this Nokia tune “dada dada, dada dada, dada dada da”? Only those that lived to enjoy the earlier years of the 21st century will remember the tone – just joking though. However, only a small percent will still be very familiar with this tone. You’ll ask how is that possible. It’s possible if you’re using a Nokia feature phone as a backup to your smartphone.

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Recalling old times, some of us might still want to have that Nokia experience on even our smartphones. Take some time to imagine this scenario: Your smartphone rings (with the Nokia original ringtone), you bring it out, only for others to see it’s a smartphone. You know what that means, you definitely busted their bubbles because they must have been expecting to see an old aged Nokia feature phone.

Well, I came across the link to download the traditional Nokia original ringtone and I decided to share it with you. Trust me, I first downloaded and played it to my satisfaction before sharing with you – not that I’m stingy though.

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The steps to download the Nokia original ringtone is very easy and simple. However, I’ll just give us a quick guideline on where and how to download the ringtone without aches.

How To Download The Nokia Original Ringtone

The steps to download the ringtone are highlighted below:

  1. Click the link that’ll appear at the end of this guideline.
  2. Click on the “Download” link that appears under the Nokia original tune file.
  3. Select the “Direct Download” link that appears after you must have clicked the “Download” link.

Link to download the Nokia ringtone: Nokia Original Ringtone

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Just as easy as that, you have downloaded the Nokia original ringtone. You now have the ringtone at your disposal to either use it for your incoming calls ringtone, message ringtones, Alarm tone, WhatsApp notifications et al.