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It is seeming like some people are beginning to understand that there is no investment like one made in a tech product (more like – on a lighter note though. One of these people seem to be veteran musician and record label boss, DonJazzy.

In a bid to sooth the use of social media, Mavin Records founder, Don Jazzy and technology company Tsaboin on Friday launched Flobyt, a free WiFi service for Nigerians residing in Lagos.


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Many might dismiss the fact that since it is a free service, the launchers might not be getting anything from it. But I must say that technological investment presents its profit making abilities in many ways, though I don’t know what they might have planned.

There are many advantages of this service, which was launched in Lagos to the citizens, especially the tech savvy ones. They (we) must be ready to benefit a great deal from this – only that I don’t reside in Lagos.

According to Dele Odufuye, Tsaboin MD/CEO, the Wifi service can be accessed in locations like eateries, parks, taxis, buses, restaurants, and cafés.

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“It’s quite easy. You simply walk into any of our partner outlets and patronise them. While you are at that, you can log into Flobyt’s free WiFi service available. Join the “Flobyt FREE Wifi”. If your browser pops up for authentication, just visit or click on “Free Access” button shown to you.”

“We are using state-of-the-art Wifi technology equipment that balances speed, quality of service, security and data consumption. These equipment are light weight and easier to manage. These are the technological and business edges”.

Quoting the boss himself, DonJazzy, he says that he “believe so much in this. This is one of the few other investments we are going to be sharing with you.

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“I have been on social media for a long time. I know how expensive data is. I give free airtime, now it’s time to give free WiFi,” he said.

Flobyt is currently installed in Bar Enclave, Ilupeju; FoodHouse, Ikosi; Lounge 9a, Anthony; Massimo Bar, Ikeja; Grace’s Cakes, Ogba; Jazzment Salon Lekki; Kayz Place Barbershop, Lekki; Amala Express, Lekki; White House, Sabo, Yaba and Road Star Burger, Lekki.


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