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Have you rooted your Android phone before now? Or someone helped you root it? You’re still in the same boat and this news might not hit you in the best of places, as Google is denying users who have rooted their Android phones the access to install some Apps directly from PlayStore.

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As much as you might think you rooted your phone to hold some advantages over uprooted ones, but google doesn’t think that way. They have then decided to leave you all hang to dry, but don’t worry, there’s still a way.

A report was released some time back that some users were not able to download the Netflix application directly from the Google play store. Due to the ‘no idea’ state of many users as the reason for this was very much unknown, Android Authority suggested that it could be partly due to “Netflix’s adoption of the Google’s Widevine DRM protection”. We should also put in mind that not only Netflix have adopted this protection, some other apps have too.

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The Google Widevine DRM protection is a useful tool which also gives developers the power to choose whether their apps are available for download by rooted users on the PlayStore or not. Still yet, we do not know the aim of this move but many have opined that it is to tighten security.

Is your Android phone rooted already? Don’t worry as I told you earlier that we got your back. To download apps, just head to any third party site and download the apk file. After which all you have to do is locate the file in the file manager and install directly.

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So you might still be wondering if to still root your phone or not. It depends on your personal conviction, but I can tell you that if you are wondering about installing apps, that shouldn’t be your worry at all.


  1. I don’t really advice anyone to root his phone. It might be vulnerable to inimical distortion. Better used as bought.

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