Samsung to lose $17 billion over note 7 debacle

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Wait, is it just me or at the people we are about to talk about are actually careless risk takers?

Well, I hope we all do remember our dear Samsung Galaxy Note 7 device which died a natural death some months back due to its ability to replace a grenade or probably even a bomb. It is seeming to us over here that this device didn’t actually die, it still have at least an atom of life in it.

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Why I am still puzzled at this point is because reports suggested that over 90% of the phone was returned after both the first and second recall by the manufacturer over exploding issues.

Today I bring to you another report which suggests that there are more Galaxy Note7s out there in use than there are LG V20s. A lot more. Apteligent’s report suggests that there remain well over twice as many Note7s out in the wild as there are LG V20s. The Moto Z just barely comes in above the Note7, too, and according to Apteligent is actually declining in popularity, which is a bit weird.

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See for yourself below;

Statistics on Note 7 usage and others
Statistics on Note 7 usage and others

You might be wondering where Apteligent’s statistics is sourced from. Well, I can tell you that Apteligent’s reporting relies on devices “checking in” with the company’s analytics, so these remaining Note7 devices are very much in use.

Let’s do a little analysis. If actually 90% of this Samsung product has been taken off the market, it means an approximate of 10% is still out there, right? Now stay with me. There was no shady publicity – at least that we know of – about the LG V20s, correct? It hereby translates that a 100% of the LG V20 device is currently in the market.

Samsung SDI battery
The unfortunate Samsung Galaxy Note 7

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Now let me quickly draw my inference. With these statistics, I believe it is very fair and correct too if we say that 100% of LG < 10% of Samsung. Not too good if you ask me.

Now, let’s move away from that. What in God’s name is wrong with those people still having a Note 7 in their possession? Could it be that they want to carryout some form of experiment on it? Or they just chose to take the risk. Life itself is a risk, right?


If you have the access, would you still use a Note 7?