Nokia 3310

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Carphone Warehouse, a British mobile phone retailer, with over 2,400 stores across Europe is the only retailer to start taking pre-orders for the phone— the Nokia 3310. And guess what? They’ve got some news for us, shocking ones.

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According to Carphone Warehouse, the Nokia 3310 has seen 10 times more pre-registration interest than top of the range smartphones from the likes of LG and Sony. I’m short of words already.

Nokia 3310
Nokia 3310

Many people have opined that the major reason could be that the Nokia 3310 is comparatively cheaper, with a price tag of $50. But still yet, I think the company making these Nokia phones has made the right market approach.

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HMD global only struck a deal to manufacture Nokia branded phones for a period of ten years and it is already seeming like they are fully prepared to make the maximal most of the period of time due to them. They seem to have the perfect team.

Some would say its too early to conclude they are a success already but then, with giant strides of the Nokia 6 and the wide coverage and acceptability of the Nokia 3310, one cannot but still call them a success, at least for now. We once thought it was the media hyping the brand, but now, there are real facts.

Some analysts, however believe that HMD Global should focus on other Nokia-branded smartphones so they can stay in the game for longer. I concur with this because it is sure that Nokia 3310 can’t keep them in the game for long.

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The world is going, or has already gone “smart”, and significant improvements on smartphone like the Nokia 6 would help keep the brand in the phone industry. And with the way HMD global has started, we can’t do anything than to believe in them.

I see them at the very top soon enough.