customized Nexus case

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Google has launched a new product or service. Lets call it customized Nexus case. It is perhaps the Tech giant’s way of telling Nexus owners they don’t have to buy phone cases from third party merchants. The customized Nexus cases are designed to give users control of how they want their phone cases to look like. As the name implies, how the phone cases look like depends entirely on the creativity of the user. Or to put it another way, only your imagination would limit how cool your Nexus custom-made phone case will look like.

customized Nexus case

Though it is customized, the templates available to work with can be limited in some cases. For instance, there are only two kinds of of live cases to make your selection from. So it is either one or the other. With the first choice, you can make a selection of photo from anywhere which you can then print onto your case template. The second choice allows you to design a custom map with a lot of assistance from Google maps before printing the final design onto your case.

That is just the basics of how it works. Going a little deeper is where your creativity and imagination comes into play. In both live cases, you can also choose filters for your design apart from many other options to make your Nexus case even more unique.

“These days there are few things more personal to you than your phone – with all your photos, messages and handpicked apps at your fingertips, it’s almost like a reflection of yourself. Starting today, we’re giving you a new way to make your phone even more you. My Live Case lets people create their own snap case for Nexus 5X, 6, and 6P phones, by customizing it with a favorite photo or map”  was how Google announced the arrival of the Customized Nexus case.

To finally get your brand new customized Nexus case, your need to order it from Google Store. It is on Google Store that one gets to design and customized the case before paying for it. It is a two step process: first you design and customize your Nexus case, and secondly, order the finished product from the store. Leave the rest to Google to deliver it to you. All for just $35.

According to Google, when you finally lay hands on your customized Nexus case, you might begin to think the $35 price tag is a huge bargain. At the back of the case is a button that can be used to launch your most used apps. This programmable button uses NFC technology to communicate with the Nexus phone.

I have never being a fan of phone cases. For some reasons, I positively hate covering my phone with those phone cases. But with a customized case with an additional NFC shortcut button, people like me might just be tempted to try it out. Watch the interesting video below to see how you can design and own a customized Nexus case.


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