FERO Iris Smartphone Price In Nigeria, Full Specs And Review

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Well, FERO Mobile just launched into the phone market and I must say that with recent releases, they sure have good spec phones at their beck. The FERO Royale A1 and FERO Iris smartphone are visible evidences.

Today, I’d bring to you the prices of all FERO Mobile phones price as they are listed on slot. This list compiles both feature phones and smartphones too. All you need to do is stay with me.



1. Fero 180 – N4,700

2. Fero K9 – N8,500

3. Fero F2401 – N7,100

4. Fero F1801 – N4,200

5. Fero F1802 – N4,800

6. Fero F1803 – N5,300

7. Fero Royale A1 – N40,500

8. Fero Royale Y1 – N45,000

9. Fero Iris – N40,500

10. Fero M2402 – N6,800

11. Fero Royale J1 – N39,500

12. Fero A4001 – N15,000

13. Fero Royale X1 – N50,000

14. Fero K2801 – N8,500

15. Fero Mega – N38,000

16. Fero Zoom LTE – N32,000

17. Fero Power – N31,000

18. Fero A5001 – N27,000

19. Fero Pace – N42,000


So I’m sure you must have made your choice already, now make your money too and order for the phone of your choice from Fero. One thing I’m certain of is that Fero Mobile is here to stay. Do you use any Fero Mobile phone? Please do tell us your experience….


  1. Am disappointed that fero x1 mobile has a copy with false specification, the original fero x1 is with Android 6.0 OS but the fake is specified to have 6.0 but it has 5.0. This is bad

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