Etisalat Nigeria 4G LTE launched

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In OpenSignal’s latest look at overall speeds around the world, they found that speeds are steadily on the rise as LTE continues to displace 3G. Even in Nigeria, one cannot deny the fact that very recently, the 4G LTE network has been on a rapid upward spiral. A whole lot of smartphones newly released do support the 4G network. This also translates into an increase in faster internet speed.

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While we reviewed which is the best and fastest network service provider in Nigeria, here, we have a list of countries with the fastest speed in Africa. While South Korea lead the pack in the world category, let us see who the leading one in Africa. And don’t even go there, its not Nigeria.

According to the OpenSignal website, for the world rankings, “The same 10 countries kept their spots at the top of our overall speed rankings, though their order has changed since our last global report. Northern and eastern European countries like the Netherlands, Sweden and Hungary join Asian powerhouses South Korea, Japan and Australia in providing overall average speeds over 21 Mbps.”

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Below is a photo of statistics of the overall speed rankings of countries in Africa. South Africa leads the pack with Nigeria bottoming it. Well, i wouldn’t be too surprised because according to QZ, the cost of internet access is relatively high in some of the African countries listed in the chart.

Fastest mobile internet in Africa
Fastest mobile internet in Africa

So, before you start wishing Nigeria had South Africa’s speed, you should answer this simple question, “Are you willing to pay about N2,800 ($5.56) for 1GB of data like they do in South Africa?”

Another statistic which was released was based on time on WiFi networks which showed the percentage of time that users in each country were connected to Wifi networks rather than cellular networks, and it established that Wifi’s importance as a mobile data technology hasn’t waned.

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In 38 countries, smartphone users spent more time connected to Wifi than they did to cellular networks.