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Is the Samsung Galaxy S7 the best smartphone ever? Consumer Reports seem to think so. On the other hand, it doesn’t require one to stretch the imagination beyond repair to make that claim. After all, Samsung’s flagships have being the industry standard for Android smartphones. Their only real competition being Apple’s iPhone, which is not even an Android device.


consumer reports

Bar the bleep from the Samsung Galaxy S6, the Galaxy range have always being the leaders in market. But then, if Consumer Reports weighs in, people have to seat up and find out why they are stating the obvious. Consumer Reports is a company that has built a reputation for over 8 decades for unbiased assessment of goods and services. And to protect their editorial independence, they don’t accept any form of adverts on their website. They also don’t accept review products from manufacturers. They buy stuff like you and me. Use them. And give you their verdict. Basically, they call it like it is, no matter whose ox is gored.

So what did Consumer Report say about the Samsung Galaxy S7? They did not out rightly claim the S7 is the best smartphone ever, the mini review just listed out some of the features that gave it the edge over other smartphones like the LG G5. And of course, the piece couldn’t be a Galaxy S7 vs iPhone 6 because Apple is yet to unveil the latest iPhone

Lets look at the list of features, according to Consumer Reports, that sets the Galaxy S7 apart from the pack in the Android niche

consumer reportsWater Resistant
A water resistant smartphone is nothing new. Since Sony started it for their Xperia range including the Z5, many OEMs have keyed into it. The Galaxy S7 is also water resistant up to a certain depth. Basically, you can’t use the awesome camera for deep sea shooting. But you can take it for a swim in the closest neighborhood swimming pool for about 30 minutes.

Samsung claim every component in the phone is covered in a thin film of nano material to make them water resistant. So even though the USB ports have no obvious cover, water getting into the phone through the port would have no effect on the phone. Be rest assured that dropping the phone accidentally into a bowl of paunch at a party would still leave you with a very functional phone. Just dry it with a towel and the phone is good to go.

Physical Design
And what are the chances of actually dropping the phone in a paunch? The report thinks it is slim. This is all down to the fact that the smooth glass and aluminum body fit and feel comfy and snug in your hand. This is because of the smoother rounder edges of the phone.

Samsung is always big on camera. Heck, all respectable smartphones hype their cameras a lot. The test by Consumer Reports claim Samsung were right in bragging that the 12MP of the S7 would be better than the 16MP of the Galaxy S6. The images are very good in low lights conditions due to the optical image stabilizer. And the Ultra HD recording feature produces really amazing images on 4K TVs. I guess that is one for the future though. 4K TVs are yet to catch on. Maybe, when they get cheaper.

Finally, the comeback of the microSD slot is a real plus for the S7 over the S6. One of the criticisms of the S6 was the absent of the a memory card slot to expand the storage. But it appears Samsung still don’t like the memory card. Because using the memory card as storage can be problematic. Maybe it is Samsung’s way of subtly telling users to ditch expandable storage.

Like I stated earlier, Consumer Reports told us what the whole world already knew about the Galaxy S7. But then, they have this solid reputation. When they say two plus two equals four, it does sound like the holy grail of product endorsement.


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