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I don’t still know the reason why this is a topic for consideration at all. Why in God’s name would anyone hike data prices in a time of recession like this – only in Nigeria. Well, our recent jubilations are about to be cut short as our dear minister of communications, Adebayo Shittu has in his pool of kindness and good heart advised us to brace up, as that DATA HIKE is still coming. YES! You heard right.

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In his own very epistle, the minister opined thus, “This is one area that I believe that we all must face the reality… If you look at the NCC law, it is positioned to reflect experiences, expertise and all of that and I want to believe that there must not be too many interventions in the activities of the NCC.


“I am a political office holder. I am not an expert, so I cannot venture to say whether they did wrong or right, except they say that the constitution has granted them the role of a supervisor of a direct regulatory authorities, particularly relating to the activities in the telecoms industry.

“The only area I feel they were deficient was in the area of communicating with the people of this country, particularly because of the sensitivity that has been imposed on Nigerians by the harsh economic situation.

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He went further to say that “This industry’s reliance on electricity and because Nigeria has failed in providing reliable electricity, it means they have to rely on extra budgetary provisions to provide electricity 24 hours, seven days of the week, which additional expenditure does not operate in other countries which we seek to copy. This is one challenge that we must look at.

And conclusively, the minister said that “So, I am not supporting at this stage or not supporting the price increase with regards to the floor. But what I am saying is, these are technical issues whose decision must be taken having regard to all the factors that are important before a decision can be taken.

“I am appealing to the distinguished senate in intervening, they should try to encourage NCC to be the best that it can, they should try to assist us (NCC) in the area of holding the balance between the interest of operators and the interest of the Nigerian masses so that we can be seen to be providing the best.”

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Well, to me, if encouraging NCC means supporting the hike in data prices, then the senate shouldn’t bother about encouraging them at all.


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