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It no longer a major requirement to have a degree from an Ivy League College or must have completed an engineering course or program somewhere neither is a work experience at a high tech outfit mandatory to become an excellent coder. This possibility is the main target of this start up even though hiring managers still often times require and make use of these afore mentioned markers to evaluate and select candidates for the job.

CodeFights aims at achieving to change these current set markers to a one that is unconventional. CodeFights start up whose website is built to train programmers by huning their coding abilities by bringing coding challenges to them, has brought about an innovative system designed to help employers evaluate candidates for a the job on the bases of their capabilities rather than by the listings on their curriculum vitae.

The Chief Executive Officer of CodeFights said “What the recruiting industry is still doing is using pedigree as a proxy for skill,” and then he continued saying, “Engineers are no longer coming from top schools and top companies.”

Over the last two years, this programmer developing start up CodeFights which was also kicked off and chaired by a former Google and Oracle engineer has continued to help companies absorb new employees by vetting potential programmers who visit their site to train and practice their coding abilities. After a well tested and trusted work of CodeFights with recruitment of potential talented Engineers and programmers the start up is now partnered with a number of companies inclusive on the list are Uber,  Asana and Evernote who have asked that CodeFights creates tools that can be used to within to vet job candidates.

In response to request CodeFights came up with CodeFightsR; a system which will help systems to vet their job applicants based on their coding abilities. Companies can also now use this new invention to send out programming tests to job seekers. This system works by assessing applicants skill levels based on how they do on the test, making the hiring of managers or coming for interviews dependent on the results of their tests.

The system is designed to evaluate candidates objectively, rather than having assessments clouded by conscious or unconscious biases. CodeFightsR can point hiring managers to candidates who actually have the skills they’re looking for, regardless of their gender or race or the school they graduated from.

“Biases mainly kick in because of people’s lack of real data, said Sloyan. “They go off of proxies to decide if someone can do what they want or not.”

Companies can also make the CodeFightR search and find more job candidates and so is not just restricted to testing of job applicants alone. It assists companies in finding qualified candidates who might not have the regular school or resume criteria. Sloyan said “Companies see the shift,”. “When you realize that instead of looking at someone’s resume and looking for keywords you can actually know this person is a great Java engineer or Android engineer without even having ever talked to them, it’s a transformation in (the company’s) eyes.”