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The latest version of Chrome browser, known as Chrome 50, has being released by Google. The update is primed to work on all supported platforms like Windows, Linux, and OS X. As usual with Chrome updates, Google claims Chrome 50 comes packed with several interesting features that makes it very superior to the previous version or to any other browser out there.

chrome 50

So what are the new features in Chrome 50 that sets it apart from other popular browsers? We will briefly take a look at some of the outstanding new additions to it.

1. Push notifications payloads and the Push API have being updated in Chrome 50 across all platforms. The implication is that delivering notifications to respective recipients is now faster and very efficient. This is achieved by integrating the sending of data together with the message. As for developers working on the SDK, they can now be able to tweak the notifications and customize it to include buttons and time stamps. Websites now also have the option of giving their visitors silent, sound or vibrating notifications. Whatever rocks your boat is what Chrome 50 is saying as far as notifications goes.

To help with the syncing of these notifications on all sort of devices, developers would also be notified when a particular user has switched it off. There is the added bonus that Chrome 50 notifications now includes data analytics.

2. Another notable feature in Chrome 50 is an update where website designers and developers would be able to indicate to the browser which particular algorithms would be needed to display a page properly by using just the “link rel=’preload'” code. The effect of this is to markedly reduce the time it takes to load a page. To prove their point, Google graciously released the video below to show how page load-times have being significantly reduced.

3. For Android, Chrome 50 has seen an upgrade in the download manager with a pause and resume buttons.

4. Many important security fixes are also part of Chrome 50 for Android users. These fixes had the benefits of the expertise of independent developers. That is one of the advantages of making a software SDK available to all developers.

As part of the launch of Chrome 50, Google also announced that it has finally cut off support for Chrome in all old operating systems like Windows XP, Windows Vista, and all OS X operating systems earlier and including version 10.8. It would be recalled that back in November last year, Google promised to do just that. Back then, Google said they were stopping support

“….since these platforms are no longer actively supported by Microsoft and Apple. Starting April 2016, Chrome will continue to function on these platforms but will no longer receive updates and security fixes.”

So this is just Google fulfilling their promise to the world. To get the best of Chrome, just download and install Chrome 50 in whatever device you are using.


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