seedstars Ghana Chalkboard Education Declares Winner

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seedstars Ghana Chalkboard Education Declares Winner
seedstars Ghana Chalkboard Education Declares Winner

Ghana mobile learning solutions and startup win the Seedstars competition in Accra, Ghana that was held on 21st of August. Winning the competition means they will be representing Ghana in Switzerland in the summit that will end up in competing with other startups in Africa. The overall winner will be going home with an equity investment of $1Million.

Chalkboard Education was declared the winner in the presence of other 9 startups within Accra and its environs. The runner-up  Landmapp, and TECHAiDE is the second runner-up. The others in the 2016 Accra Seedstars that are worth mentioning are HQ Renewable Tech,GoSun Stove, Krinotech Solutions,Cocktail Insights, SynCommerce and Nubian Oryx.

Announcing the winner yesterday was all things else except being easy, according to the Seedstars Africa  Selam Kebede, “The quality of startups in Ghana is absolutely impressive and it was very hard to choose a winner amongst so many great companies. However, we are very happy with our decision to take Chalkboard Education to our global summit.”

Chalkboard Education is all about accessing educational materials with your mobile phone, even without an access to the internet. It can be described an application with a plug and play feature in all. According to the CEO of the startup, The team at Chalkboard are not only happy with their win, they’re also optimistic. Founder and CEO, Adrien Bouilloit says,  “If I judge by last year’s winners I think the global summit in Switzerland is going to be life-changing. Last year’s winners Asoriba had an amazing year and we hope to be able to do the same with the help of the Seedstars platform.”

Seedstars have been doing a lot to make African startups become a global phenomenon in no distant time. We announced a while back about the seedstars event that should be held in Lagos, I was not lost at some time that I didn’t follow up whether later held as it eas scheduled seedstars World Is Coming To Lagos, Nigeria On August 11 . Of a recent too, the  Best Tech Startup In South Africa 2016 was shown to the world through this same Seedstars to the delight of many.