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Welcome to Las Vegas, the venue of the 2016 Consumer Electronic Show (CES 2016) were lots of bright ideas are unearthed. Unfortunately, am reporting ‘live’ from my office, miles away from where the real action is going down. Though am a little late to the party, but hey! Its better late than never.This week in las Vegas a lot of technological innovation were brought to light by individuals and firms alike. While there were completely breathtaking tech products that however isn’t really worth the time, there also ingenious design that peeps overacting. From dump object that got WiFi and immediately tagged “smart” to smart products that got even smarter, CES 2016 is a show to follow. While I follow the show, I am bringing you the first tech products that got my attention so far.
2016 virtually screams Virtual Reality, its definitely going to be the year of ‘outburst’ for a lot of VR technology. This year’s consumer electronic show is certainly a testimony to this. Among the handful of virtual reality technology on display at the event was the HTC Vive. Initially set for a November 2015 launch, which HTC postponed for unknown reasons, the HTC vive is like the AK47 of virtual reality headsets. To be fair Facebook’s Oculus rift is a very popular and quality VR technology, but the HTC vive is clearly something, Oculus needs to worry about. The Vive offers an astonishingly incredible motion tracking precision, replicating flawlessly in realtime your hands and legs movement in the virtual world. Fans of virtual reality technology are really watching out for the vive this year. We’ll update you on the HTC vive as things unfold.
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Another VR technology that got lots of attention is Samsung’s gear VR. As some of us may already know— the Samsung gear VR is an entry level VR headset, powered by a smartphone. The compatible smartphone models are the Samsung galaxy s6 and s6 edge or other smartphones of it class. The smartphone provides the display and processor for the headset. However , rather than rely on the smartphone’s IMU, the headset utilizes an inbuilt low latency IMU for rotational tracking. The catch with the Samsung gear VR at this year’s CES was perhaps its superb motion controllers. At CES, Samsung debuted a concept th company called Rink. Rink — is a series of palm controllers that give you hands and fingers within the virtual world. The tech is far from polished, but assuming Rink has great potential, is cheap and works as well as the Gear VR. Even as it is, the Rink is amazing, after fine tunning the controllers are going to perform breathtakingly.
Hurray! Finally an Uber taxi that actually flies. Called it an air taxi or a passenger drone, but the Ehang 182 as the Chinese designers will call it, is simply awesome. The Ehang is hailed like an Uber taxi, only problem is that it isn’t one. Frankly, I expected something of this nature very soon considering the enormous advancement in autonomous technology. It may not look so unique or so Star-wars-like, but this CES 2016 featured drone that looks much like a robotic helicopter is actually the first passenger drone ever. Honestly, am a little bit surprised that we are only now seeing a drone that can carry a passenger onsidering drones are already carrying warheads.
The CES 2016 is far from over, while the show continues (and when it eventually ends) I’ll bring you some interesting consumer electronics and awesome technology and design ideas on display.