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People do it every time, don’t they?  Celestine Omin has moved to join andela, it’s not something new again for an employee of a company or particular brand to move away to join a rivalry group for whatsoever reason, we human beings have always be known to move for the greener pasture and we seek it out wherever it may be, we simply call it the “Hustle”

Early on Monday the 5th of September, a software engineer at Konga, one of the largest online shopping malls in Nigeria officially announced that he was leaving Konga to join Andela, joining a list of employees that have left Konga in recent times.

celestine goes to andela

Celestine did drop a hit earlier in “albeit cryptically” but wasn’t until this morning that he dropped the mallet that it was to join Andela. He was a founding member of Konga and was involved in a lot of applauseable works which pushed konga to the top levels, he  brought together the GitHub Meetup Africa edition where software engineers rub minds together within the same four walls and roof.

Omin said, “Today marks the beginning of a new chapter in my life”, he said, a new opportunity, a fresh start. Today, I become an Andelan. I’m excited about the future; I can’t wait to see what it brings.

Konga exits are piling up, former VP marketing and Creative, Gabriel Gab Umoden who left in march to join Surbuban, former business Development JR Kanu who also had an instrumental role with kongapay team before leaving to start up Reach in July this year and top-ranked Sim Shagaya, who resigned his role has the CEO early this year but he still remained on the board of Konga company.

celestine omin leaves for andela

So safe to say with all this preceding exits from Konga, Omin just joined a list and it’s not much of  a surprise but it still brings the thought; what’s happening with Konga.

I wish Celestine all the best has he takes on his next challenge. He picked up the role of senior Technical Consultant with Andela, his new job will put him in contact with clients and all.




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