Carl-Visagie owner and ceo of KnektMe

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Visagie says he plans to identify which parts of the app are “nice to have” and then based on this add a premium version of the app.


And what is it like being a 22-year-old business owner?

Carl-Visagie owner and ceo of KnektMe
Carl-Visagie owner and CEO of KnektMe

“A lot (of people) like young tech entrepreneurs, but an equal number don’t trust you… it depends on who you speak to,” says Visagie. Going forward he’ll be hoping to bump into a lot more of the former, than the latter. Only time will tell.

“It’s almost like a cheat sheet,” says Visagie. “The idea is to see what they (other investors or entrepreneurs) do before meeting them,” he says, adding that users are then able to better pick out potential leads before approaching a person to meet them face to face.

Carl Visagie from South Africa who is working on his social networking site to connect entrepreneurs and investors KnektMe  has said and Israeli has invested about 75,000 dollars on his ideas. The angel funding came in when he attended a tech event in London and was fortunate to meet the said investor for a stake in his company.

Carl Visagie has said the suppose an investor has declined to be named nor his company, so he is expected to be mute on the disclosure.

KneltMe is a social networking site that is meet to connect investors and ideas owners right before they meet face to face. KneltMe helps users to know everything about the person they meet in an event on what they likely working on or have the interest to invest on. KneltMe will be able to know this as a result of the information users have updated on the app.

Currently, the app has been on Google Play with 16,000 users since about 7 months now and is also on IOS store for more than 4 months now.

The fund, as said by Carl Visagie who dropped out of school, has worked on now shutdown startup local social media company Superscout. It was about 10 months he left Superscout he engaged himself on this new social working ideas.

The  75,000 dollars investment by the Israeli is supposed to have 30% percent stake on the company hoping if it was successful. The money as said by Carl Visagie will be used to connect people around events and Airports where often this IT awareness are not found foreign. also learned that while he is not the only one working on the app,  Carl has a friend of which they co own the social networking site.