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From the name sci-fi which is a short form for science fiction, it’s expected that whatsoever we see or hear from this category are expected to just be figments of imagination and nothing more. You can talk about a man that releases webs from his wrists (referring to Spiderman), or a man that has a flying hammer that can locate and track the wielder’s GPS from anywhere in the world especially in Asgard (referring to Thor), or even robots that can transform into cars and trucks (referring to Transformers). We know these things to remain in only our world of fiction, but then we really hope some of these things to actually become real.

Some of these fiction have actually opened the portal from the world of fiction and crossed into the world of reality, thanks to the amazing set of scientists and technology experts that don’t want to see things remain the way they are.

I’m going to take us through the scenery of sci-fi meeting reality in the aspect of cars. Stay tuned.

One of the most recent examples of fiction meeting reality is the development of flying cars. 

We reported it this month that air taxi has been tested on and considered good to go for travels both on land and by air. The flying car, which is also known as an air taxi is said to be able to travel from London to Paris in an hour. Who in his right senses will say “I want to fly my car in the air”? Absolutely not anyone in the right senses, you’ll say. But someone with a different optical view of things has made this a reality. This different mindset has made this generation blessed with something unique.

Another not so common example of sci-fi meeting reality is the development of Car-To-Car Communication. Although, this technology is said to be in the development phase at the moment. The tech allows cars that are close by to alert each other of possible encounters ahead. Where this can be seen in the fictional world is in the movie “Transformers”. In the movie, cars communicated with themselves while on the road.

Finally, the most popular car tech that seems like no surprise to us is the Car-To-Owner Communication Technology. Cars that uses GPS directions and have voice command-enabled technology direct the drivers on the next turns to make and the time to make such turns.

It’s amazing how technology keeps springing new things of interest on a daily. Not to forget, if you have another “sci-fi meets reality” technology you know of, don’t be shy to use the comments section.



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