brindocorp ISDEV

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brindocorp meetup in lagos

Talking trends and advances, Nigeria companies for a couple of years now have been contributing their quota to the  technological development in Nigeria, as oppose to before when nothing productive is ever done or added back to the environment and community which they have taken so much from, well done Brindocorp.

brindocorp hackathon

Brindocorp is in the business of giving customers quality, cost effective and innovative IT, software, hardware, communication and security solutions. The company has built reputable standard since its startup some years ago. They’ve been known for the provision of vast competence in project management and task execution.

They have gone ahead to increase their reputation by organizing an event in which computer programmes and others involved in software development. A hackathon for developers in Lagos on Thursday, October 13, 2016, from 8 am to 8pm (WAT) at Cedar Point Events Centre- 4, New Era Road Iyana Ipaja, Lagos.

The event will support and train attendees on how to create smart software and applications that support a variety of platforms. For the hackathon, teams can build hardware, software, and technology –related projects they can come up with. These setup teams can be made up of as much as 5 people and all projects done will be judged based on creativity, technical difficulty, design, cleanliness, and usefulness. The event is tagged innovative software developers (ISDEV)

brindocorp ISDEV

The hackathon provides the avenue for people to learn in a fun environment and Brindcorp contributes back to the community massively, they  provide solution to websites and improve IT development.

This first ISDEV event is free and open to all who wants to participate, be it students, teachers, and even private business owners. All that is required for anyone to join in the ISDEV is an idea, a solid idea and of course your working and learning tools, laptops, and necessary gadgets.


Brindocorp has provided refreshments in the likes of food and drinks at the event venue and the registration for this wonderful programme is free. So if you are interested and you have a free day, why not join the group of progressive people in lagos and enjoy learning in a cool and absolutely free environment to rub minds together