brick wall optical illusion

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Can you remember exactly where you were when the Facebook brick wall optical illusion started trending on Facebook? Or perhaps you never heard of the brick wall optical illusion? The first time I saw it, some days back, I just took a cursory look at it and scrolled down to other items on my timeline. Because, truth is, I don’t do these online puzzles where the original poster would keep you waiting endlessly before the correct answer is revealed. And most times I just get tired of refreshing the comments as I wait for the answer. So I made a decision to avoid them.

brick wall optical illusion

In case you never heard of it, the image above is the picture of the brick wall optical illusion posted by one Arron Bevin on his Facebook page 3 days ago. His original post said,

This is one of the best optical illusions Iv seen.
If you see it. Don’t spoil it!!!!!
Just like n share!!!

Took me a good 5 minutes. ?

Follow for the answer

I looked at the image. All I saw were some bricks. Nope, no sign of any optical illusion there. Then I squinted my eyes and blurred parts of the image hoping to see maybe a face carefully hidden among the bricks. Still nothing doing. The original poster said it took him five minutes to figure it out. I’ll be damned if I am going to waste five minutes of my precious time starring at the image of a brick wall on Facebook. I had things to do you see. And there wasn’t any guarantee I would see what I ought to see after five minutes. I passed and forgot about it. Until today.

Apparently, since that first time the brick wall optical illusion made an appearance on Facebook, it has being shared over 47000 times. Not only that, people have made over 62,000 comments about it. Imagine that. A brick wall had turned into a Facebook sensation. A cursory search online showed the discussion of that brick wall optical illusion has gone really viral in and outside of Facebook. Unfortunately, you have to search really hard before you come across a spoiler willing to spill the beans.

brick wall optical illusionThe last time something like this took over the Internet was a year ago. Then it was all about a silly dress. And the question or conundrum was about the colors on the dress. It was blue and black it seemed obvious to me. But some people insisted their own reality was different from mine. Some even saw white and gold. And even swore by it. It really put a different spin about how differently each individual’s pair of eyes see things. It was just fun though. But the brick wall optical illusion is a quite different sort of puzzle. In this case, it’s either you see it or you don’t. It was a very clever way of disguising an object. And the only way to see it is to adjust your viewing angle. And look really hard.

So when I saw it today again on my timeline (a different person shared it this time) I decided to solve the mystery once and for all. Reading some of the comments on Bevin’s post was quite an amusing experience. I had to scroll through a lot of comments before I finally saw the solution. Here is the thing about this brick wall optical illusion; once you see it, you can’t ‘unsee’ it. And you’d be wondering how you missed it in the first place. To tell the truth, trying to ‘unsee’ the image was really frustrating for me. I just wanted to retrace how I was able to miss it the first time. But I couldn’t. The hidden image was no longer hidden. It stood out boldly as if daring me to pull it out of the crack in the wall.

Well according to Bevin and his partners in crime, you need to look again. Especially at the spot you eyes first fixed on when you saw the image. Seriously, that wasn’t no help to me. And since I am all for sharing information, that is the solution in the image below. A bloody cigar!

brick wall optical illusion


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