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An independent prepaid starter pack organisation based in South Africa, Blue Cellular aims to extend its services in Africa. In this regard, Blue Cellular has set moves in motion to incorporate apps and software into mobile phones. The organisation will do so by importing high end demo mobile phones from the UK.

CEO of Blue Cellular, Barry Taitz said, “For example, say we do a lottery. It will be preloaded and the distributors can order the handsets from us and (these) will all be reconditioned phones, so when we import them from overseas, we recondition them here. Some of the networks are two or three years behind the rest of the market, so we are able to come in at the right pricing and for a lot of probably the network operators and a lot of the distributors, the revenues and RPs are dropping because the market is under pressure … but the handsets are going to be the next source of revenue. So we are going to be able to load apps on to the phones, they will be able to remotely load apps onto the phones.”

The apps and software that will be pre-loaded on the mobile phones will help be of utmost importance to ordinary customers and even industries such as retail and manufacturing.

Taitz also pointed out the fact that the strategy will roll in more income into the telecommunications sector of the economy due to the need to use more data while operating the apps.

He said, “It’s almost like Google Play on the Google Store … it will be very good for the networks because obviously now the guys will start using more data and they will be able to pay for it because they will be getting discounts based on the retailers, the wholesalers and end products, we can tie up with any of the local people. It takes a about a week or two to develop an app … we can just put the app there, we know which phone the market wants and we have very good relationships with suppliers overseas and we can load the apps before they get shipped to South Africa or shipped directly to the country.”


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