Blackberry Rumours

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In the world of smartphone, rumors of new phones are just as news worthy as news of actual phones being launched. As a matter of fact, rumors tend to become more viral a lot faster. Its likely because everybody is in a rush to break the news about a new device coming out. This is especially poignant if the expected device is from the big players like Samsung or iPhone. Blackberry rumours, therefore, are also commonplace

Blackberry Rumours

Just a few days ago, we did a piece on flagship Android smartphones that are expected to be released by major OEMs. Though, not a certainty, a Blackberry Android was mentioned as one of the phones to be released this year to succeed Blackberry’s first Android Smartphone, the Blackberry Priv. And right on cue, Blackberry rumours started flying around as if they were responding to our piece. The rumors are of two new Blackberry devices to be powered by the Android OS.

Welcome Blackberry Hamburg and Blackberry Rome to the world of smartphones speculations and rumours.

BlackberryCzech, a Blackberry-focussed website based in the Czech Republic, came out with what it called an exclusive on the two new Blackberry Android smartphones to be released this year. The website is not in English, so you need to use Google to translate it. Good luck if you can read through the translated version to make sense of it. Google Translate still needs a lot more upgrading I must say.

blacberry rumours
Blackberry Priv

The gist from the site is this: though codenamed Rome and Hamburg, it is entirely possible the Blackberry smartphones would have different names when they are finally released. The Blackberry Rome is most likely to be the the high-end model. It is going to be a touchscreen phone with a hardware keyboard included just as it was done for the the Priv. Blackberry Hamburg on the other hand, is likely to be a mid-range device, and would come without Blackberry’s famous keyboard. Which means the Blackberry Hamburg would be a capacitive touchscreen-only device.

Important details about specs and prices were not mentioned. But the release date for Blackberry Hamburg is thought to be between the months of September and November, while Blackberry Rome should be out just in time for Christmas shopping at the end of the year.

But remember, these are just rumors making the rounds. And it could be nothing more than just some clever dude fabricating what at first glance seems like credible news. And you need to weigh this new rumor with the fact that just a couple of days ago, it was being speculated that Blackberry was about to dump the hardware niche. The reason is that, for Blackberry to survive, it needs to concentrate on the software part of the business.

So is Blackberry about to stop making smartphones? Or is Blackberry going to release two new Android smartphones this year? Your choice can swing either way depending on several factors. Or like me, you can just sit on the fence and let time make that choice for you.


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