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What if I told you, that you could have a beautiful, android OS using BlackBerry with awesome specs? I bet you would want to know more right?

So, we all know that with the advent of the android phones and their ability to download and operate different apps, games and their general user friendliness caused a lot of people to leave the BlackBerry arena and head on over to be part of the android fever. However, like any other good, resilient company, the BlackBerry company went back to their drawing board and designed new phones that still have the BlackBerry logo and trademark but also operate on an android OS and have android features. This one brought joy to all the BlackBerry lovers out there, and just to take it up a notch, in a world where smart phones are completely, up to down screen touches, the BlackBerry company delivers in grand style by producing a phone that is dual in nature, in that it is a touch screen which when it slides up, reveals a physical keyboard. For those who use their phones as a full on office and typing suite, isn’t that great news?

BlackBerry priv, it has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Yes, the BlackBerry priv doesn’t just sound nice and look nice, it also has really cool features. Shall we begin? Let’s start from it’s name and debut; the BlackBerry priv(short for privilege or privacy) is a slider smart phone that was annonced by the company in October 2015 and launched in November 2015 as a BlackBerry phone with an Android OS. 

Well, consider this an unveiling, with complete features and specifications as well as price range of the BlackBerry Priv in Nigeria which I daresay is in a class of its own. Yh, thank me later and you’re welcome.



It has a 5.4 inch curved diagonal screen with a 1440 × 2560 pixels and a 16:9 aspect ratio, giving the user enough space to play around.


The BlackBerry priv is light weight and the right height for  balanced holding and texting. Did I hear some fingers stretch? Yh I thought so.

Weight: 192 g

Height: 147 mm

Width: 77.2 mm

depth: 9.4 mm thickness


Black (yh yh, I guess they decide to stay with the basic colour schemes, lol).


For those who like to run numerous background apps and open multiple tabs, don’t think you will be slowed down because the powerful CPU runs on a Hexa-core of Qualcomm MSM8992 Snapdragon 808 chip set – Dual-core 1.8 GHz Cortex-A57 & quad-core 1.44 GHz Cortex-A53.


Adreno 418


Now, this one operates cat high speed with an inbuilt RAM of 3GB.


You’re  going to love this one if your phone is a mini store house because the BlackBerry priv sports a 32GB storage memory and an external SD card expandable up to 200GB.


It operates an Android 5.1.1 (lollipop), although in April 2016, the company made it upgradeable to an Android 6.0 (marshmallow).




2G, 3G, 4G, GPAS and EDGE


The phone utilises a Nano sim


This phone has got you covered on so many connection levels like; WiFi, Hotspot, Bluetooth, GPS and NFC.


SMS, MMS, Email, Push Email, IM and BBM.


yeah this one should excite a whole lot of you, here comes a BlackBerry phone with quite a long lastingc, non removable 3410 mAh Li-Ion battery that utilises wireless charging, hear that people? No more carrying a charger about and worrying about it getting lost or stolen.

Mixed Use: up to 22 hours,

Standby : up to 420 hours,

Talk Time: up to 24 hours

Music: up to 73 hours

Those are definitely good hours  for all my phone addicts.


The BlackBerry priv sports two sets of QWERTY keyboards, an onscreen keyboard with a contextual auto-correction, next word prediction and a personalized learning engine that gets to know the way you type.

 Not limited to a touch screen, it also has a hardware QWERTY  keyboard for those who would rather use it when you slide up the phone screen.


USB port:

It has a 2.0 fully supported standard micro USB.

Audio port:

Its audio or ear piece port is at the top of the phone.


The phone has a powerful back camera of 18 mp and dual led flash (I see some selfie addicts smile),to capture moments and a front camera of 2 mp. If you thought that was all, well here are some extras to make you look forward to your first selfie and group picture on this phone; other camera features are, a certified SchneiderKreuznach optics, Geo-tagging, Face and smile detection, Optical image stabilization, HDR, Panorama and touch focus and a 2160p video recording for the back camera and a 720p video recording for the front camera. The video even has an active noise cancelation ability with a dedicated mic, (yh I hear you thinking great YouTube videos, I agree).


Volume and power buttons are on the side and can be used to put off the phone too.


Well it is called BlackBerry privacy for a reason right? If you have to store sensitive information on your phone and are super confidential, then this phone is just for you. The BlackBerry Priv is a security focused phone, such that all your data is encrypted by default, yes, by default, all your encrypted data or files never leave your phone (sounds great right?).


Well the price of the BlackBerry priv varies but it ranges between two hundred and twenty thousand naira (#220,000) and two hundred and thirty thousand naira (#230,000).

You guys!!!! With a curved screen, sleek look, smooth feel and just the right weight and height, I have to say that the BlackBerry Priv is crafted to perfection. I mean it definitely appeals to our sense of aesthetics.

 Some people say it’s a bit costly but well, I imagine one has to pay for all that beauty and detail. Well done John Chen and the entire BlackBerry team, well done on this one. Cheers to a phone that is tight enough to take care of our privacy and is beautiful enough to be a privilege too.



  1. I’m so delighted with Blackberry. At a time when their products were phasing off, they stood their ground and made sure that they are still in the market. Blackberry phones are now in a Android versions and they are good for use and easy experience.

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