Ripple Coin's Price Soars High After A Deal With Moneygram

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Bitcoin Sweeps Past $15,000
Bitcoin Sweeps Past $15,000

Again, in the world of cryptocurrencies, the Bitcoin has made its landmark and has proven to be the face of change to the world money system. As it is seen today sweeping past the previous predictions of everyone and gaining momentum past the $15000 predicted point. It was noted yesterday as we saw the move beyond the $13000 mark, but no one expected to have a $2000 increase in the space of 24 hours.

This same coin, that has suffered victimizing, since its inception in 2009, has now proven to be the backbone of every other currency. It has a 63.5% dominance on the coin market cap, with its own market cap at $256,279,257,570 while the cumulative market cap for all the coins which are listed on the, numbering about 1300 coins, is around $403,694,918,382.

The future might seem quite bright for this rising coin, but analysts have also said that the digital currency has entered a bubble and that with this in sight, we should all expect anything. We could have it growing into $50000 and the suddenly breaking down into $20000 or something worse but then, after the fall, it will pick up again and begin to rise.

Its the best for any investor at this time to invest in this rising digital currency.