Ripple Coin's Price Soars High After A Deal With Moneygram

Bitcoin’s impressive progress moves on in 2017 after the cryptocurrency hit seven thousand dollars ($7,000) per coin for the first time ever. The rise went on to witness it touch a high mark of $7,200 on some exchanges. Recording a high price of seven thousand one hundred and forty dollars ($7,140) on popular exchange coinbase rate which is estimated to be nine percent (9%) up in the last one day then dropped to seven thousand, seventy five dollars ($7,075).

The month of October, 2017 was recorded yet as the even outrageously pitched point where bitcoin came over five thousand dollars ($5000) on the 12th and against naysayers and odds it has indeed journeyed on in increase steadily in recent weeks.

Quite obvious it is also fair to draw a conclusion and say that the optimistic and pro bitcoin owner far beyond expectations have seen the cryptocurrency rise this year. The cryptocurrency bitcoin touched on the 1st of January this year the one thousand dollar ($1000) mark which also brought about an uproar of talks indicating that it will more likely top the then record of a thousand, two hundred and sixteen point seven dollars ($1,216.7) hit in the year 2013 over a period of the next 12 months Now defying the majority of opinions and predictions is the now result. A status break down of the rise of bitcoin cryptocurrency for this year 2017 is as follows:

February 24 — broke record, May 20 — $2,000, August 4 — $3,000, August 12 — $4,000, October 12 — $5,000, October 20 — $6,000 and the graph below showing a span over the years from TechCrunch.

Bitcoin Rise
Bitcoin Rise