Gates And Jobs

Different sessions of interviews with the silicon valley parents and tech elites have shown that they ensured their children were tech free and complied with a strict technology use and also it appears in a new book that a long time ago it was obvious smart devices should be checked or regulated plus the fact that psychologists are better understanding the dangers and impact of smart phone use on the teenage brains.

Studies have indicated a twenty seven percent (27%) increase chance in an eighth grader’s  depression possibility as a result of the child’s  frequent use of social media, also it showed that children who use their a minimum of three hours daily stand the risk of being more suicidal and finally that in the United States of America teen suicide rate is covering  the homicidal rate with smart phone use as the driving force.

Quoting renowned educators like Joe Clement and Matt Miles who are co-authors of  a recent book “Screen Schooled” talk about how technology over use is making our kids Dumber.  They insist that the two biggest tech figures in recent history who are Steve Jobs (late) and Bill Gates rarely allow their children play with the very products they helped create saying “What is it these wealthy tech executives know about their own products that their consumers don’t?” and the response from a growing body of evidence, is the addictive power of digital technology.

Gates and his Daughter
Gates and his Daughter

They noted that some time in 2007, Bill Gates the former Chief Executive Officer Microsoft added a cap on screen time when his daughter started an unhealthy attachment to video games and he also ensured his children only started using cell phones at the age of 14 as opposed to this day and time when children begin using their first phones at age 10. Continuing they said Steve Jobs who until his death in the year 2012 was the Chief Executive Officer of Apple said to a reporter by name Nick Bilton – he had forbidden his children from using the then new iPad ” We limit how much technology our kids use at home,”

Mr. Joe Clement and Matt Miles in their book ” Screen Schooled ” insinuate that the wealthy Silicon Valley parents understand very well more than the general public the addictive powers of smartphone, tablets, and computers even though they make living creating and investing in technology.

“It’s interesting to think that in a modern public school, where kids are being required to use electronic devices like iPads,” the authors wrote, “Steve Jobs’s kids would be some of the only kids opted out.”

Steve Jobs the Apple Co founder’s children are through with school so unfortunately it is not known how he would have responded to education technology or Edtech but the co authors of “Screen Schooled” suggest if they had attended an average US school of this time they would have used tech in the classroom far more than they did in the conference of home while growing up.