Spy plane

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There are many things you’re vulnerable to once you are on a flight 10,000 tests above ground level. You are vulnerable to a crash, a fall and most importantly in this case, a breach of your privacy – if you make use of your phone.

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I don’t fathom why we should even make use of our phones during a flight when we have the flight and airplane mode as a feature on virtually every smartphone. I guess the human nature in us mist surely play its part and play it well.

Spy plane
Spy plane

However, this is for everyone who values their privacy and wouldn’t want it to be breached. A new investigation by Le Monde based on secret documents from former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden has it that the British and American intelligence agencies have been monitoring your phone use while on a plane.

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And as a matter of fact, just turning on your phone when the plane is above 10,000 feet reveals your location, and this has been happening as far back as 2005!

There are many things these people have access to when your location is revealed, some of these includes;


* BlackBerry PINs and email addresses

* Email addresses

* Skype identifying data

* Facebook identifying data


The British intelligence agency GCHQ even claims that phone users on a plane mostly check their Emails, Facebook and Twitter accounts, use apps like Google maps and currency converters, and download stuff on BitTorrent.

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Now, what I don’t understand is why these spy agencies need all these personal data and information. I don’t also know why private infos can’t be kept private anymore. But you too, always put your phone on flight or airplane mode to prevent stories that touches the heart. If not, all those emails, chats and all which you think are ‘private’ would be up for public consumption – if the need arises.