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Everyone, most especially in Nigeria would detest a very poor browsing network as majority of Nigerians have been reported to be on the movie platform, always browsing on the go – in church, school, office, toilet and so on. So you can imagine how frustrating a poor internet connection would be.

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In cases where this inevitably occurs, the next question on everyone’s lips would be “which network is the best for browsing”? This is always with an intent to escape the shackles of waiting for hours before opening a web page, when you can open TechProducts in less than three (3) seconds, with a sensible internet connection.

Well, today, we’ll be analyzing some of those things that might have to determine “which network is the best for browsing in Nigeria”? So, you’ll make your choice, with an open mind, and with love for your internet speed and browsing satisfaction. Let’s roll…

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1. On the internet speed

Well, we all know that some of these coys tell a lot of false truths when trying so hard to sell a product to her consumer. But according to what I’ll call ‘reliable stats’, here are the speed of the leading telecoys in Nigeria as at very recently, measured in mega bits per second.

MTN NIGERIA – 8.73 Mbps




If we are to go by the above, the Airtel is your best bet in this case. But just so you know, a rating of ‘x’ Mbps is not a speed but a max capacity rate. The maximum throughput of a connection is governed by the minimum bandwidth of the connection end-to-end, amongst other factors. So, you can’t really say here.


2. Data Prices

Now, since Internet’s speed is out of what should determine or give an answer to this question, I guess we have to move to another factor that could be a determinant.

Presently in Nigeria, various of the telecomunication companies are fighting for who the best would be when it comes to data price. But presently, I think either Airtel or Globacom are leading the pack. Let’s find out.

We’re going to use a benchmark of N1000 to compare all the data prices.


At ₦1,000, Globacom offers you 3.2GB data allowance with a 30 Days validity and works on any devices and also usable anytime.


With a sum of ₦1,000, Airtel gifts you a 1.5GB data allowance also with a 30 Days validity that can work on any devices and Usable Anytime.


With ₦1,000, the most popular coy furnishes you with a 1.5GB data allowance valid for 30 Days workable on any device and Usable Anytime.


While in a different one altogether, with ₦1,000 Etisalat can only get you a 2GB data allowance with a 30 Days validity. This can also work on any device but only Usable on Weekdays: 7:00pm – 6:59pm and Weekends: All Day.

Going by these price marks above, I’m pretty sure you choice would be definitely as good as mine, which is Globacom. So basically, when you consider your pocket, Globacom is the best network for browsing.


3. 4G LTE Supported?

MTN started the race of the 4G LTE last year with the acquisition of Visafone after which they commenced commercial testing some months after then. Glo launched their own LTE network after then in up to 21 Nigerian cities, while Etisalat followed suit after some weeks with its launch in a few unspecified spots in Lagos alone.

The sporadic nature of these supposed 4G LTE roll outs shows it is still a race to the top for these telcos and there is no particular aim to satisfy the customers.

Airtel Nigeria seems to be the only one left out of the scramble for half slices of 4G LTE cakes by Nigerian telcos.

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You wouldn’t deny the fact that 4G LTE is the rave of the moment when it comes to fast browsing. So have you seen who to strike out now?

Now compare this above to the price and decide for yourself which network is the best for browsing.


  1. Airtel is obviously the fast data network in the country. However, GLO has the best and cheapest data subscriptions.

    1. plz tell me what is happening to my browsing wt airtel. I purchased 1.5G plus 1.5G @ N1000 fromairtel but the speed is very slow wt E sign at the signal strenght icon. plz what could be happening. I use tecno F 7.

  2. Glo is the worst for now, their data keeps on going off and on since this August 2017. 9mobile is the best for now.

  3. I have tested all and still maintain all except Airtel and I can proudly say that 9mobile is the fastest and best when it comes to browsing even though it’s more expensive followed by mtn. Sorry to say that glo has to wake-up, her data cheapest but the speed is so frustrating!!

  4. Glo is terribly, it’s not just slow but does not even download in greater part of the day in mangoro Ikeja where I stay. I bought N1000 for 3.2gig but it has been a waste of money. I had to buy mtn which I have exhorted and bought another one while my 3.2gig is still up somewhere in the sky. I just learnt that buying a 20gig data for N100 that you can’t use at the end of the day is good for nothing. My apologize to glo but this is my experience and I have called customers care to complain yet nothing changed.

  5. Glo is the worst , they gives you with right hands and make it with left hand. Glo supposed to be our network we should be proud of, because is our own. But is very very unfortunate. I don’t think they do market and consumers research. Glo is like given man a beautiful lady with virus.
    Glo should learn from Airtel and 9mobile..infarct, I will advice all Glo staffs to start using Glo only.

  6. Glo is good and fast but sucks data like there is no tomorrow. Before you close and open your eyes, your one month subscription doesn’t even last up to 3 weeks, that’s too bad sha.

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