Google Maps

Since its debut in the year, 2005 Google maps from a simple web-based application has advanced and turned out to be an on the rise and highly dependable tool that a lot of people rely on to do much on a daily basis. A number of ways the Google maps has helped and still helps people include:

Helping people find themselves or reconnect: Prior to this time making arrangements for a meet up with a  person at a location neither of you both are familiar with could have posed a serious hindrance not neglecting the pain and stress in having to describe a trace to your location in your neighbourhood to the other person on the phone

These days you only need to share your location from the Maps App which will now let other people find and locate you easily even in areas where neither of you is familiar and this feature is simply activated by touching the location on  your smartphone, tap share and choose the person or people you want to share your location with. Also this feature helps with locating where you parked.

Secondly, It Helps Businesses To Get Customers: Since all kinds of legal businesses whether small or large can be easily registered on maps this will, in turn, bring potential customers to businesses. The registration of businesses will require your location, basic information about the business and contact details. Meanwhile, in terms of helping people locate a business, maps devised another enticing way of getting people which is the shape of street view which lets people view what the environs and surroundings look like. This feature gives the customer a better sense of your location and assurance that they are at the right place when they arrive.

It also saves your time and fuel: as opposed to the old-fashioned ways of getting somewhere which was either by a purchase of a physical map and plotting one’s route with the hope all information was correct or put to work a combination of prior knowledge and blind luck also hoping for the best. Today you simply just need open Maps on a smartphone and get the right and instant directions plus estimated time and distance to your desired destination.

Google Map Image
Google Map Image


Map could also influence your shopping: taking for instance you need to do a bit of shopping, a while back you might need to ask around from neighbours who might equally not have the right answers but with Google Maps you now only need to search on your digital maps for the closest and best needed shopping location and then you will get a list including reviews and recommendations which will guide you to making the best choice for you shopping. Also using Maps also means that if you have to shop at multiple retailers, you can find the shortest routes between them, once again saving you time and ultimately money.